Get the latest live position for the MAERSK ASSISTER. You can also check the schedule, technical details and many more. MAERSK ASSISTER is a Offshore supply vessel built in by VOLKSWERFT. Current status: Laid up. Formerly also known as MAERSK ASSISTER. It’s gross. June 12th, UTC, Frederikshavn. June 12th, UTC, Frederikshavn. June 2nd, UTC, Gdansk.

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The main deck of the ship is made of steel covered with wooden planks. The bow thruster is driven by an electric motor delivering kW HP. A different angle yet still in the aft part of the bridge.

During standby the vessel can still have a number of duties, e. These are the “spooling devices”, wich can be moved from side to side in the winch opening by means of hydraulics in order to facilitate correct placement of the wire on the winch drum.

In the middle of the picture a single wire rope is coming out through the so-called “crucifix” from the winch garage, where the 3 assistsr anchor handling winches are placed. With the anchor chain pulled off the anchor and to the stern of the vessel, the anchor is now towed abow with the tugger winches for storage until deployment at the oil rig’s new drilling site.

The wheel itself can be changed to fit different chain sizes, but since most rigs are moored with the same standardized size, we never had to asisster the chain wheel.

More bolsters, fairleeds, chains and chaser wires visible in this picture. This is another reason for the great manoeuvrability of these ships.

Here we see the port side socalled “whaleback” from the aft. In this situation the grabler is connected to a length of chain instead of the usual wire rope.

Maersk to Lay Up Two More Anchor Handlers

The Maersk Assister is also equipped with a number of tanks capable of holding such products for transport and delivery to oil rigs and platforms. Taking a walk on the quay I had the chance to take some pictures of the ship from the outside.


The gear here is comprised of a number of extra wire pennants and an extra bouy. While mersk in Norway there was time to carry out some painting of the stern.

This is used with connecting shackles, anchors and other equipment to asister, or when working on the anchor chain in general. These are used mainly when anchor handling or when doing other work involving the main winches. AHTS vessels are typically very manoeuvrable due to the many powerfull thrusters, the excess of main engine power as well as the fact that they are equipped with two main propellers.

Wiki Further interesting facts, incidents, history, Check out this page for further details. Instead they generate power, the largest part of which is cunsumed by a number of ballast resistors.

Length 90 m Width 23 assistter Draught Avg 5. At Hinna, Norway Hinna is near Stavanger the ship’s A-frame had been stored for several months, but a new job for Maersk Assister required that is was mounted again. After drilling, the rig is moved away, and a production rig is placed above the drilling site. During docking in Fredericia, Denmark, the anchors were lowered off to the bottom of the dry dock so that also the anchor fairleads could be repainted. The wire or chain placed on the bottom could be the loose end of a chaser wire, see the anchor handling procedure for details or it could simply be an maegsk with connected anchor chain placed on the bottom due to lack of onboard stowage space during anchor handling operations.

Standing abow of the ship looking aft, we here see the grating covering the bow thruster.


Maersk to Lay Up Two More Anchor Handlers – gCaptain

In the lower left side of the picture we see the remains of the socket for the once-fitted A-frame. Starboard main propeller and the two stern thrusters. The history of former names is compiled automatically from AIS signals and gives insight into vessel owner changes, charter name changes and reflaggings.

With the Achiever soon out aesister the way we approach Borgland for picup of the chaser wire.

– Tales of a Modern Mariner –> Pictures from Maersk Assister

The A-frame weighs about tons, and is able to lift tons out over the stern! It is equipped with the world’s strongest Anchor Handling Winch, capable of pulling with up to tons! The production rig then starts pumping up the oil and destributes it either to shore via a pipeline or to one or more tankers moored nearby via a set of pipes, tubes and mooring buys.

The anchors have been payed off to facilitate painting of the hull. These changes would be paid for by the company chartering the ship for pipeline dregding, as the changes were made only to fit the requirements for the job.

This is the free end of the chaser wire. The frame was later lashed by our ships assistants with chains and pulleys. Is is normal during rigmoves and other operations to carry a small stock of spare equipment in case something needs to be replaced – or breaks during the work.

I stayed onboard though together with my fellow cadet. Once again I refer to the anchor handling procedure for a detailed description on what actually happens during anchor handling. The ship is also fitted with two stern thruster in the aft part of the hull.