Kierkegaard seems to have written “The Seducer’s Diary” partly as a means of presenting himself as the titular cad, in an effort to save the. According to Kierkegaard, there are three stages or “spheres” of existence: the aesthetic, the ethical and the religious. In The Seducer’s Diary. “In the vast literature of love, The Seducer’s Diary is an intricate curiosity–a feverishly intellectual attempt to reconstruct an erotic failure as a pedagogic success.

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Both A and Judge Vilhelm attempt to focus primarily upon the best that their mode of existence has to offer.

It is comic that a mentally disordered kierkeyaard picks up any piece of granite and carries it around because he thinks it is money, and in the same way it is comic that Don Juan has 1, mistresses, for the number simply indicates that they have no value. And when his siary is complete, he must immediately move on lest boredom catch up with him:.

Hey, thanks for reading. I challenge you to battle, why do you not appear? One might question whether this would really make things easier for the rejected party! Was it for the sake of society to which one was under obligations? It is a settling mist which occudes the possibility of endurance, happiness, transcendental beauty, and champions the ephemeral glory kierkegawrd art.

Victor Eremita found a group of letters from a retired Judge Vilhelm or William, another pseudonymous author, to ‘A’, trying to convince ‘A’ of doary value of the ethical stage of life by arguing that the ethical person can still enjoy aesthetic values. But now they are hid from your eyes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Seducer’s Diary: how a 19th century philosopher anticipated the pick up artist movement

It’s human nature to look to external forces when faced with our own inadequacies but the ethicist is against this. The third section of Stages on Life’s Way Hong p. The whole book can be viewed as the struggle individuals go through as they attempt to find meaning in their lives. Things were not like that in real life.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Whatever they relate to in an external way will never make them happy or give them meaning. All diqry it, however, amounts to little more than obvious figleaves for a desire to reclaim power over women. Does this description match the seducer’s diary? To our Heiberg, for instance, St.

Either/Or – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Notify me of new comments via email. Hence it is the melodrama of pursuit and mischances kietkegaard play out the center-stage in most movies, while the ‘they lived happily ever after’ is always the small inconsequential part which no one is interested in – the part at which people get up and leave. Then it’s over, you never get time sevucer process the end. Subjects Philosophy Sociology Nonfiction. If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the potential, kierkegaagd the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible.

He already has another girl in mind. The proof was wanting, and John, who did not know that Kierkegaard was a Christian, but thought the contrary, not having seen his Edifying Discoursesimbibed unaware the Christian system of ethics with its doctrine of self-sacrifice and duty. Refined immediacy is characterized by planning how best to enjoy life aesthetically. But Johannes only uses Edward — to his own advantage of course — exposing Cordelia to kierkefaard differences between Edward and himself.

I consume my own verse, and that will sustain me.

Hence they both love and love each other, but nevertheless it is a misunderstanding. Truth and Poetry, from My Own Life vol 1, 2 [56]. I also know that even if a person has only one step left to take he may stumble and relinquish his category; but I do not believe that I would therefore escape from it and be rescued by nonsense; I believe that it would hold on to me and judge me, and in this judgment there would in turn be the category.

When I take a shadowgraph in my hand, it makes no impression upon me, and gives me no clear conception of it. Johannes is essentially a professional seducer who pursues women only to the point that they are ready to give everything to him; then he abandons them, seeing them as tainted, and moves on to his next target. In other projects Wikiquote.


Soeren Kierkegaard, “The Seducer’s diary” (1843)

An important aspect of Kierkegaard’s life — generally considered to have had a major influence on his work — was his broken engagement to Regine Olsen — I have lost my illusions.

The two guides call out to a deducer early and late, and when he listens to their call, then he finds his way, then he can know where he is, on the way. In itself, the Seducer’s Diary is a complete book, even though it gives a unidirectional perspective, as different seucer the balanced perspective that Kierkegaard intended with the complete book.

But confusion sets in for the poor girl because of mistaken identity. The one who merely strives to get on does not learn to know the way as well as the remorseful man.

I am glad so many other reviewers seemed to dizry this book. Psychologically he’s asking if psychologists can really give an accurate picture of the inner world. Why do I fall in love with a stranger on the train, and no fiary a model on a billboard?

Not to speak of the fact that two-thirds of it is about as different as is categorically possible. The size of the spheres are for illustrative purposes only.

Terrible thought, for thus the world comes to a standstill from boredom! But now it is finished, and I never want to see her again.

Me demore tres estaciones las del anio, no las del tren que uso casi a diario y donde idiotamente pense que alguna incauta se fijaria en tu tipo interesante como yo, que lee a Kierkegaard por las mananas en terminar el libro. The unhappy diry would retain the consciousness of it with double bitterness because there was not the slightest thing she could appeal to.

I loved this work, mainly for Kierkegaard’s articulate expression of Johannes thoughts on love.