Kadamattom Chruch: this is a very famous and old church of Kadamattathu Kathanar. many stories are made on this church and Kathanar. – See 43 traveler . Kadamattathu Kathanar (Christian priest of Kadamattathu church) is a legendary person whose legends are closely related to the beginning of the Kadamattam. The eventful life story of the powerful priest, Kadamattathu Kathanar.. Glimpses of Kerala. Tourist Spots. Ernakulam. Tourist. Videos.

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Their kaadamattathu who became fond of Paulose, allowed him to stay with them for many years during which he learned the secrets of magical performances. Parasuramasurrounded by settlers, commanding Varuna the Hindu God of water to part the seas and reveal Kerala.

On Sundays and solemnities, three Scripture readings are given, on other days there are only two. One of the children in the family caught a disease which could be neither identified nor cured by the local doctors. Many came here from afar just for his magical touch. Unlike most clerics, permanent deacons who also have a profession have no right to receive a salary for their ministry All safely locked up with 27 locks and the ancestors believed that not even a word should be uttered or read out from these scripts.

Show reviews that mention. Email sent successfully Try Again! He took him to his house gave him shelter and food and cared for him like his own child.

We asked Father Eldose if he has any personal experience to share about the powers of Kadamattathu Kathanar.

One commonly promulgated speculation as to its etymology is that it literally means through the dust, female deacons are mentioned by Pliny the Younger in a letter to the emperor Trajan dated c. EithihyamaalaIythiha Maala legends of Kerala. The title deaconess is not found in the Bible, however, a woman, Phoebe, is mentioned at Romans 16, 1—2 as a deacon of the church in Cenchreae.


Everything was to be obtained by begging, and the friars were not allowed even to touch money, the communities were to be small, eight being fixed as the normal number and twelve as the limit. In the Western Church, Pope St. It is believed that he mastered his magical powers from these cannibal tribes known as Mala Arayas living in subterranean abodes.

Currently there is no certain proof that he really existed, but the fact that a real priest lived in that area in the ninth century cannot be denied.

The legendary life of Kadamattathu Kathanar

All reviews ” ancient church “. The ” Magician ” card from a 15th-century tarot deck. Afraid of the tiger the boy ran to the village and told the priest what had happened.

There were two capitals, the one at Kollam and a subsidiary one at Thrippapur. The name kathannar made up of three Malayalam words, Moonnu, which stands for three, aaru, small river, and puzha, which means river.

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One of the children in the family caught a disease which could be identified nor cured by the local doctors. Kozhivettu connected to the Kadamattam Perunnal is a very famous function. Neither his date of birth nor date of death are known.

The parish priest who passed that way saw this boy crying and praying on the door mathanar of his church. He had no siblings and his parents died when he was a child. Mass is a term used to describe the main eucharistic liturgical service in many forms of Western Christianity. Ask jacogeo about Kadamattom Chruch.


After dinner was served, the bishop expressed a wish for some grapes. The moss on the ground was slippery too. Kadamattathu Kathanar a Malankara Syrian Church priest of Kadamattom church also known as Kadamattathachan Father Kadamattom is a priest Kathanar who is believed to have possessed supernatural powers and whose legends are closely kadamxttathu to the beginning of the Kadamattom Churchone of the oldest kathanad buildings that still exists in Kerala the land of Saint Thomas Christians.

Deacon Poulose went into the forest in search of the lost cow and soon got lost. Views Read Edit View history.

Kathanar’s Magical Powers

In the Eastern Church, deacons have a profound presence in the Divine Liturgy. Many a time they had tried to cover up the kadamattxthu with cement during times of renovation, but it stayed on as a reminder of the bygone era. He has written a number of books on sorcery but his writings are not legible kathhanar is incomprehensive to the lay reader. The Mala Arayas searched for him in vain. Retrieved from ” http: The term magic has a variety of meanings, and there is no agreed upon definition of what it is or how it can be used.

Concepts of modern magic are often heavily influenced by the ideas of Aleister Crowley. Ernakulam was the capital of the erstwhile Cochin State, in the first state census ofthe population of Ernakulam was 21,11, Hindus,9, Christians, Muslims, and Jews.