Why “I Was Blind But Now I See” is My Best Book Ever (and now on Kindle). I’m not going to brag. The purpose of this post is to inform on three things: A) A lot of . copies Contents Contents Dedication Acknowledgments About The Author I Was Blind But Now I See The 10 Commandments of James-ism What is This. But in “I Was Blind But Now I See” there’s a lot of original material, even if some material is based on some of my blog posts. I describe more.

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I should finally say that part of the reason I rank this book so high is that I think the author is an authority on this given his history in terms of pursuing and finding the ‘successful’ life, losing it all and finding it again.

I’d like to think that he went to Cornell as he claims, but after seeing him fail to use possessive pro It’s hard to see this book as a complete work–it’s a reprint of blog posts from the past two years given some formal reconstruction and expansion, but lacking the necessary revisions to make it unified.

Add to Collection Copy link. My respect for that also.

I Was Blind But Now I See : James Altucher :

No altuchet really, I think I enjoyed this a lot more than I would have had it been written by someone who actually knows anything about personal development, health and wellness, career strategy and what have you. Just read it on his blog. James has picked for his spouse an incredibly intelligent woman, someone who is his peer and whose accomplishments he is proud of.

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Why “I Was Blind But Now I See” is My Best Book Ever (and now on Kindle) – James Altucher

The content is enjoyable and engaging, and at 99 cents for the Kindle version it’s hard to complain. I have real fears. I will be upgrading “How to be the Luckiest It’s practical and poignant so far, and if it continues throughout I’ll leave the 4 star rating as is. Plain to the point of having occasional punctuation issues, which I eventually found quaint.

Along with his perspective, he outlines a Daily Practice focused on making progress across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms, plus his sage advice to stop engaging with crappy people.

Creative DirectionPrint DesignTypography. Jan 03, Uwe Hook rated it really liked it. Rather, it is focusing on creating a relationship with God, despite the pitfalls of dating that may come your way. It gives one man’s opinions and frustrations about the world with no genuine resolve.

I Was Blind But Now I See : Time to Be Happy

I believe he is genuine in wanting to help others. James Altucher is a writer, jakes entrepreneur, chess master, and investor. Why am I so enamored with James Altucher?

These are the key takeaways. I’m on page 43 and again I’m converted back to a fan of James Altucher’s insight, and writing style. Sans hack articulation his ideas are alright, and the snippets of autobiography he inserts make the lessons he gives as much about what he learned as his audience’s acceptance of them, though I wish he could have managed this without making himself altuher justification for the change that he made–basically accomplished by straw-manning his past self in his oh-so-foolish ways.

For a while I was ambivalent.

I Was Blind But Now I See

So the secret to being happy is to wake up early, don’t hang around “crappy people,” and just be happy. Although I don’t agree with him on every point, I can totally appeal to the underlying idea that people get stuck to a paradigm without questioning it. I’m not sure who recommended it to me, but apparently I thought it was a good recommendation and went ahead and bought aas.

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Essentially, his advice is: There’s gold in there jaes you have to dig. You can get it e-mailed to you free if you sign up on his website: James Altucher is pretty funny, in a shock jock kind of way. James has a unique style that is easy to understand and relate with! Altucher discussed accepted and taken for granted area of our lives – thoroughly review it from every angle – and then make the decision that it is working or not working for us.

There’s some information in this book that didn’t resonate with me as well, but o I really like his writing style and the fact that for what I consider a “self help” book the ideas presented within come from a different place than most authors. Time to Be Happy.

I’m a huge fan of Altucher’s blog and while altuchee makes it clear that the book is merely a collection of blog posts, it flows smooth enough and has his classic whit and humor.

A concise, quirky, fantastic read. I, for one, wouldn’t want to be admitted to a hospital only to find my life depends on a doctor who is getting on-the-job training, but has been too busy thus far to study any medical texts — doctors don’t have loads of free time when at the hospital.