Items 1 – 24 of 92 Build your Trollbloods army in HORDES with Warlocks, Warbeast and Gargantuans! The trollkin are on the warpath united with heavily armed. Heavily armored and mad as hell—the Trollblood faction brings the hurt like no other faction in HORDES. For centuries the Trollbloods have seen their scared. Find great deals on eBay for Trollbloods in Warhammer and Hordes War Games. Shop with confidence.

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His tabletop epic version is the best warbeast-lock in the trollbloods faction. His lifelong goal is to sire as many bastards as he can, but unlike other fathers-of-the-year, he welcomes his bastards into his warband once they come of age and proven themselves. All trolls are capable of regeneration to some degree.

Isn’t a big of a dick towards Madrak, who he recognizes as one of the final hopes of the trollkin race.

Raiders are unassembled and like new. In ancient Scandinavia individuals that would in other countries be burned for witchery, were supposed to be Trollblood or Halftroll. Trolls themsevles have a form of regeneration that is far faster, replacing even lost limbs in a matter of seconds.

Stubs Privateer Press Warmachine. One of the two warnouns in the setting to be able to say, in all seriousness, “I have a rocket launcher, your argument is invalid. His feat makes your opponent roll one less dice when rolling for damage, saving your army’s ass when in trouble.

Unlike Madrak, he wants to establish a land for Trollbloods carved out in human blood and prefers to see the human race, and probably other races while he is at it, wiped out from Immoren, which given how humans are a lot more than Trollkin, good luck with that. When you are the acknowledged second-in-command of a guy people call ‘World Ender’ it might surprise people to learn you solve your problems by talking Earthborn Dire troll assembled.


Trollbloods: Warmachine & Hordes | eBay

Includes 2 fell caller, champion hero, and stone scribe chronicler. This page was last modified on 18 Octoberat Some Circle Orboros assassins once tried assassinating Madrak in order to replace him with a more pro-Circle leader.

As the rise of the new nations come into play still the Trollbloods were treat with scorn and used. Probably the only trollblood leader, along with his men, who is actually having fun in this war. This page was last updated: Grissel is the one left actually managing how you feed an army when you have no home, fighting rearguard actions when the Trollbloods retreat, and keeping the United Kriels together when Madrak decides to take a sabbatical to go and destroy his Apocalypse-ushering doom axe.

Now the protector of the kin too stubborn to leave the Thornwood after years of aggression from the other forest denizens, war, and Cryxian infiltration the last of which cost him an eye even a troll can’t regenerate Jarl Skuld is increasingly a folk hero among the kriels with a reputation for being lightning fast and evasive even outside the stolid Trollkin.

The axe drives him more violent by the day and has another unfortunate side effect of killing one of his men everytime Madrak takes a hit, even if it is non-lethal.


Two units of scatter gunners. Contains Madrak 2 and 3. Trollbloods Trollkin Runeshapers Condition is Used. Trollkin Fennblades plus Officer and Drummer. Trollbloods themselves can regenerate from most injuries given time and food.

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You can help 1d4chan by expanding it. She first started fighting for the kriels against the Skorne after the death of her husband and was impressed enough by Madrak trollblopds take the Kriels she was defending and join up with him.

Each is the min unit with leader hordws five grunts. Also the only other trollblood besides Hoarluk who manages to get a dire ice troll to his side via head bashing trollblolds booze. Will combine shipping at half cost for additional items. Will combine shipping at half cost of additional items. A peerless hunter among a race that hunts to live and a former bounty hunter for the Iron Kingdoms until he caught himself giving his quarry a handicap to maintain his interest, Grim returned home to the Ordic swamps to find it overrun by the warring human kingdoms and relocating left them in the path of renewed and bloodthirsty Tharn.


A Trollkin shaman and a rare True Seer the ‘Oracle of the Glimmerwood’ disputes what others say about the ill omens of Madrak and Doomshaper, working to interpret and trolpbloods where possible the strands of fate around the growing band of misfits that follow and protect her, and increasingly those of the United Kriels.

So I heard you like blueberrieshuh? Will combine shipping at half cost for a Will combine shipping for half the cost of additional items.

Since even before the times of the Orgoth invasion of the continent the Trollbloods were feared by humankind and often enslaved to serve humans in various menial positions, most noticeably during the reign of the Menite Priestkings.

Depending on the circumstances they might live as a mighty Viking warrior or die as the target of a classical witch hunt, in either case they would be feared and shunned. Your ad here, right now: His thinking is best summed up as “Why bother tossing cabers at the enemy when you could just shoot them in the face?

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