Reproduction of this manual, in whole or in part,by any means, is prohibited. Thank you very much for purchasing our ZOOM H4n Handy Recorder ( hereinafter. The H4n Handy Recorder has long been a favorite of audio and video aficionados everywhere. It .. Zoom H4n Handy Recorder: Operations Manual ( English). In this manual, symbols are used to highlight warnings and .. Thank you for selecting the ZOOM Handy Recorder H4 (subsequently referred to simply as the.

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They can handle both mic- and line-level signals as well as instrument-level signals from electric guitars or basses. Maximum number of simultaneous recording files size: The name of the folder or the project to delete files.

The angle of the two can easily be changed from 90 degrees for a tightly focused stereo image to degrees for a wider image. Compression and limiting compensate for fluctuations in level, acting like an automatic volume control. Recording on 4CH mode This is the method to record 4 channel stereo sounds coming from the built-in mic and the external input jack.

The main difference between the two is that WAV files are uncompressed; that is, they contain all the recorded signal without any data being removed. Included Accessories Included Accessories The following accessories are included in the H4n h4b.

When converting letters, In case of two files with the Display when the file same name. Actual times may differ according to recording conditions. Zoom H4n Handy Recorder: Set input source an Safety Precautions For Users If the users ignore this symbol and handle handt cover should be closed.

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Zoom H4N User Manual

Setting Marks Playback: Recording on 4CH mo This activates the XLR. Copyright Warnings Copyright warnings Recording of live performances Many artists and most live venues do not allow recording and photography and will check for cameras and recorders at the entrance.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The H4n USB janual provides a digital output of the stereo mix and allows data to be sent to and from computer editing software such as the supplied Cubase LE. LINE Output load impedance: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Environment time since this can cause hearing impairment. Audio that’s every bit as good as your video DSLRs deliver excellent quality video but limited audio capability.

The copies are saved in the same project as the original files. Sounds reach both mics simultaneously, and therefore no phase cancellation occurs between right and left channels.

Zoom H4n Operation Manual

Press the [MENU] button for more than 2 seconds, and start Tuning display Tuner type and code operation from the top screen. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Once deleted, you cannot retrieve the file.

The H4n utilizes an X Y stereo mic configuration. Making music In this example, we start with a backing track. The H4n Is Ideal For The Following Scenarios The H4n is ideal for the following scenarios Vocal recording Recording acoustic guitar sound Piano recitals Live performance recording The band practices Transfer analogue sound sources to digital sources Recording the meetings Any field sound recording Drum practice recording How to connect external audio devices The H4n offers versatile connectivity with options for any recording application.


Display at the bottom of Menu screen In the recording and playback menu, the current re- cording condition is displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

The H4n can record audio in two different basic file types: Press the [MENU] button for more than 2 seconds, and start operation from the top screen. Visit us on Facebook click here! How to Update Firmware.

MP3 recordings are compressed, which means that some unnecessary data is hadny prior to storage, making them much smaller than WAV files, and thus much easier to upload and download. Engages recording standby condition and Remote control button operation Stop counter resets to 0. Page 91 Page 92 – A sing-along machine preparati Page 87 – Effectediting EFX module No problem… as long as you’re using an H4n.

Zoom H4n Handy Recorder | Zoom

Copyright warnings Recording of live performances Many artists and most live venues do not allow recording and photography and will check for cameras and recorders at the entrance. The H4n’s onboard MS decoder can then be used to adjust the width of the stereo image in post-production.

Page 96 – Playback: Caution; Once deleted, you cannot retrieve the file. Press [REC] button during playback, from that pressed position you can start re-recording.