The controversial Jason Grimsley affidavit was unsealed today, and contrary to reports from , Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens were not named in the. Grimsley affidavit open. Former Oklahoma State star Pete Incaviglia was accused of taking amphetamines, according to an affidavit unsealed. The unsealed affidavit contradicts a story The Times published Oct. 1, Citing anonymous sources, including a Grimsley confidant and an.

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Tejada could not be reached for comment last night. Richt’s Miami tenure showed early promise, but exposed bigger problems Unsealwd Hurricanes. Late last night, that affidavit, too, was ordered unsealed. Roberts admitted a single use of steroids inand Clemens has denied using any performance-enhancing drugs.

Steroid affidavit unsealed – latimes

Roberts admitted a single use of steroids in District Court, and the company asked the 2nd U. Dec 21, Associated Press.

Grimsley also declined to cooperate with former Senate majority leader George Mitchell and his staff. Just after the newspaper’s report was published, Kevin Ryan, then the US Attorney in San Francisco, said it contained “significant inaccuracies. When the affidavit first was released in Juneplayers’ names were unwealed out.

Grimsley affidavit unsealed – River Avenue Blues

Jon Jones still fighting off the asterisk 18h Brett Okamoto. Three prominent Orioles who were named as steroid users last year in a Los Angeles Times report on the infamous Jason Grimsley affidavit were never mentioned as using performance-enhancing drugs in that document, which was unsealed by federal prosecutors yesterday.


All but Incaviglia, Berroa and Watson were mentioned last week in the Mitchell report on doping in baseball. Neither was with the Orioles when Grimsley unsdaled in Baltimore. According to Novitzky, Grimsley said he had been referred to an amphetamine source by former Yankees strength coach Brian McNamee.

3 ’07 O’s not users in Grimsley affidavit

The source was not identified. Grimaley, December 27, Voss in Phoenix cited the newspaper for “abusive reporting” in its article that linked Clemens to the affidavit. Segui said last year that his name was in the affidavit. In a separate two-page order, U. Grimsleg unsealed affidavit contradicts a story The Times published Oct. Grimsley said he obtained steroids, HGH and amphetamines from that source, Novitzky said.

Cardinals lose at buzzer, will pick No. Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Former major league pitcher Jason Grimsley accused baseball players Jose Canseco, Lenny Dykstra, Glenallen Hill and Geronimo Berroa of using steroids, according to a federal affidavit that was unsealed Thursday, 18 months after the document was first released with players’ names blacked out.

Tejada’s name was mentioned when Grimsley described a conversation he had with Baltimore Orioles teammates Tejada, Palmeiro and Sammy Sosa about how they would play after baseball banned amphetamines. Copyright Los Angeles Times. Roger Clemens wasn’t one of unseales, despite a published unseaped last year that singled him out. At the request of federal prosecutors, zffidavit judge in Phoenix unsealed the page affidavit signed by Novitzky in Mayused to obtain a search warrant for Grimsley’s home in Scottsdale, Ariz.


Roger Clemens did not take steroids, and anybody who says he did had better start looking for a hell of a good lawyer.

Grimsley did not wish to comment on the affidavit, according to affiravit agent, Joe Bick, who spoke with the former pitcher after the document was unsealed. The day after the story ran, Kevin Ryan, then the U.

Grimsley’s home was raided after authorities learned he had affidagit growth hormone illegally shipped to his house. The Times made repeated attempts, including earlier this week, to have the government clarify what the inaccuracies were, but spokespersons for the U.

Grimsley affidavit unsealed

Tejada, who the Mitchell Report alleged purchased two shipments of hGH and steroids from a former Oakland Athletics teammate, has not commented on Mitchell’s investigation. NewsOK has disabled the affidavt for this article.

At best, the article is an example of irresponsible reporting.