pcl6 -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile= pcl6 -PPCL5E. What happens when you try rendering the PCL input with Ghostscript? Eg to the display device. If it doesn’t render its not going to end up in a PDF either. GhostPCL is PCL technology; it is not intended to be a finished software application Generally the GhostPCL languages are compliant with the Genoa ( now.

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If it renders but does not end up in the PDF then you. Do you know how to determine if the PCL file contains rasterops? There is vended software, but no open-source drivers apparently: Email Required, but never shown. The logo is of the format: Thanks for your command line example, I was able to make that owl. When printing the file as a PCL file, the image prints out correctly, but when converting to pdf, the following takes it’s place:.

As derobert had hinted, PCL is an output format, and indirectly, that it is mostly generated from some other source. When printing the file ghosptcl a PCL file, the image prints out correctly, but when converting to pdf, the following takes it’s place: The ones I’m currently dealing with have customer information in them.

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Print PCL to PDF using GhostPCL

Email Required, but never shown. The downloads on this page still use the name pcl6 and are static-linked i. Its possible that the logo is shown using a rasterop, this is a ti of the PCL imaging model which has no counterpart in PDF and so cannot be reproduced. The logo is of the format:.


Ghostscript: GhostPCL

GhostPCL is documented herebut the documentation is somewhat sparse. Can anyone offer some insight on how to approach the conversion? Convert pdf to html or txt ghostpfl remaster the pdf? This answer on SO could be what you’re looking for.

Not able to change the output from PCL to GS easily, and there is a vended solution expensive out there so we are hoping an open-sourced alternative exists. To clarify, sending the PCL file to a printer directly does not seem to cause the problem i. If you want to create a PDF file from a PCL file, use this syntax, and when typing the command-line switches, ghostcl careful to follow all the capitalization exactly:.

I had found GhostPCL and extracted the tarball, but couldn’t figure out how to use it for the life of me: The ggostpcl font is named CourierHP; the light font is simply named Courier.

If the output from your DOS program is created with a US Letter page size, but you expect to see output using A4 page size, then extract a substitute copy of pcl6. Sign up using Email and Password. City of High Point 21 1 3.

The binary is self-contained it includes the required fonts ; no additional files are needed. Of course, you will need to know exactly what PJL command to use:.

Visit the following links: For some reason, PCL6 is not converting some logos where are at the ghoetpcl of our documents. We have a vended solution on an older machine, but with Linux being open-sourced and fancy-new Post as a guest Name.


To apply PJL commands, use the syntax of the example below.

I’ve also attempted converting to postscript and printing then and the same behavior occurs. The version of pcl6. It’s only when I attempt to convert it to another file format that the problem occurs.

The binary will run on If it renders but does not vhostpcl up in the PDF then you can open a bug against ghostspcl with the ‘pdf writer’ component. Sign up using Facebook. GhostPCL is documented ghistpcl the documentation is somewhat sparse. Have you tried printing the file to a PCL printer? I could look at it for you. Not neat, but ghstpcl is good.

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But maybe someone else knows of a solution. Unfortunately that’s not an easy question, the problem is that, unlike PDF, the only way to tell is to examine each and every operation executed by the PCL file to see if it is a rasterop. BB code is On. Performance issues aren’t a concern, I think our virtual server has dozens of cores and a massive amount of RAM ; Bottom line is finding an open-sourced driver for sending PCL to a virtual printer, that will generate a PDF.