1 Ismail Beşikçi, Tunceli Kanunu () ve Dersim Jenosidi [The law 3 Report from the Consul in Trabzon, 27 September (Public Record Office. The region of Dersim, renamed Tunceli in , stood markedly at odds with the politico- Hamdi Bey, a senior official, in a report of , called the area an. Get this from a library! Dersim: Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı’nın raporu.. [Turkey. Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı.].

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Tunceli, especially its northern part, has always been a edrsim distinct region; its population constitutes a religious and linguistic minority within a minority. Those mezra hamlets that are mentioned in our sources are listed under the village to which they belong; they do not have a serial number because they are not treated as separate units in the census. The road blockade moreover made fact-finding missions by outside observers impossible, and thus amounted to a blockade of information too.

The data on village evacuations and demolitions in the course of the operations from September through November that we have compiled from various sources, are raaporu in Table A.

Then the lieutenant selected nine young men, pretended that they still had weapons and took them with him. Comparison of this list with that of previously existing villages rapooru that in certain districts, e. In the summer ofthe first significant PKK activities had been reported here, and it appears that the army was determined to prevent it from getting a foothold in this province, even at the cost of destroying it.

In those cases the razzia is not ind icated separately. One politician with close relations to the region estimated that 25 per cent of the forest has been lost.

Dersim Massacre, | Sciences Po Violence de masse et Résistance – Réseau de recherche

The Turkish security forces. The most dramatic of these events obviously is the burning down of entire villages. Other villages dsrsim not even given the choice but simply told to move their belongings out if they did not wish to loose everything when the village was burnt down.

The ‘centre village’ project.

The tables list, for each district of Tunceli province, all administratively recognised villages that existed in as registered in the general census. Against this rpaoru, actors on both sides were separated by a rift and unable to find a common language, albeit in an unbalanced dialogue.


If our tables indicate both a razzia and an evacuation or burning for the same village, this means that at least one more razzia took place there well before or after the other event. The name of Tunceli versim in the minds of many in Turkey almost a synonym for left radicalism.

The road to Nazimiye was opened for a brief time only each day. A few said that that these people [women and children in Hozat who had not given information on the whereabouts of the men] had to be annihilated, others said that this was a sin.

Those who can find nowhere to stay nearby or have given up the hope of returning to their villages migrate to other parts of the country, especially to the Adana-Mersin region near the Mediterranean coast and the big cities in western Turkey.

Like elsewhere in eastern Turkey, villages in Tunceli have at least two names: Furthermore, it results not simply in the destruction of houses and villages but also in the destruction of the economic and social life and an important part of the culture of the affected population. This is well documented. All those who are not pure Turks have only one right in the Turkish homeland: If dersimm mezra of a certain village are completely evacuated, we speak of the partial evacuation of that village.

Dersim rebellion

The population of scattered mountain villages is to be resettled — voluntarily — on state lands close to the major population centres. The PKK has directed its violence not only against Turkish military installations and personnel but also against civilians.

In the present context, however, it should be noted that he was apparently detained because he was buying food. By the end of October, it was estimated that there were some homeless families in these district centres: In his response, the Minister of the Interior, Mr. The army presence in the Kurdish provinces was stepped up even further, the villages were searched, and tens of thousands arrested and routinely tortured. In May, a group of local people ambushed a police convoy in response, the first act of a localised conflict.

As elsewhere, the army imposed a strict food embargo in at least some parts of Dersim. The law passed without opposition in parliament and press, both being controlled by the Kemalist party, the PRP.


Martin van Bruinessen, “Genocide in Kurdistan? In the districts near the Iraqi border, villagers were told that they had to become village guards or else disappear. On October 25, the paper reported that the evacuation of five of these villages had been completed. This region, moreover, has already lost a good deal of its village population in earlier waves of evacuation. The Kurdish National Movement: Sinan Yerlikaya and the deputy speaker of parliament, Mr. His report is the exception to the rule that there exist no reports by foreign observers in or near the theatre of events, because Dersim and whole of Eastern Asia Minor was generally closed to foreigners.

This report details the wave of village evacuations and demolitions, as well as the forest fires that swept across the Dersim region in Turkey, i. It lasted from March to September and resulted in a particularly high death toll: The campaign of Dersim was prepared well in advance and therefore was not a short-term reaction to a concrete uprising.

The only mainstream daily that occasionally carried a useful report was Cumhuriyet which, unfortunately, we have been unable to use raopru because in Europe only a weekly edition, Cumhuriyet Hafta, is available.

Several delegations of human rights activists were prevented from entering the province or allowed to go as far as the central town only.

‘Resmi raporlarda Dersim katliamı: 13 bin kişi öldürüldü’ – Türkiye Haberleri – Radikal

Families whose sons were absent and therefore suspected of having joined the PKK were subjected to severe abuse. This number was, surprisingly perhaps, confirmed by the Turkish government, in response to parliamentary questions from a Kurdish delegate. This task was substantially completed raplru the summer and the leaders of the rebellion, including tribal leader Sayiid Dersumwere hanged.

In spite of these restrictions on the flow of information, and the self-censorship practised by most of the Turkish press, it is clear that forced evictions have been adopted as a deliberate policy at the highest political level.

Dersim region, modern day Tunceli Province.