See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package dimensions section on page 6 of this data sheet. ORDERING INFORMATION. LM ALYW. G. The LM is a dual general purpose operational amplifier designed with particular emphasis on performance in audio systems. This dual amplifier IC utilizes. The LM is a standard low–cost monolithic dual general–purpose operational amplifier employing Bipolar technology with innovative high–performance.

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Motorola – datasheet pdf

The “N” is just the package. PRR on October 13, Forums New posts Search forums. The NE has diodes across its inputs. They probably did mark the NS heritage chips to make things tidy, even if the differences are very small. What is the world coming to? It is Low noise Dual Op-amp.

I always thought N was lower noise and LN was even lower noise, seems I was wrong. JohnRoberts on June 21, Each of these must be an additional digit in the code-number the salesman has to put into the order system.


Started by datasheett The Lab. That’s too small for me. PRR gave comprehensive and correct advice, as usual. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

One was no-moonroof, plastic hubcaps, and basic radio; one was leather seats, wider tires, and CD changer. Are they now made from the same die? I could hide one between the pins of a tube socket. Seems that you haven’t even om833 my post before replying The LM generic web page is so guys like you get a result when typing in partial part numbers.

IC equivalent of LM833 or NE5532

To participate you need to register. Jellybean wall-power chips, who cares if an individual chip is 5mA or 9mA?

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The NE has NPN transistors so its input bias current will cause the inputs to go in a negative datasbeet.


Datasheet «LM833»

Datasheets, Manuals or Parts. TI bought National Semi a few years back, and absorbed its parts into their system. So, in when this thread began, TI wasn’t in the game.

There may be additional letters indicating special grade or temperature though I don’t think there are variant grades of LM Octal tube sockets were the right size for building stuff: Welcome to our site! Articles Top Articles Search resources. So, in the context of PRR’s original posting fromhe was absolutely correct.

I have no words left Quad or Hex Op-amp of km833 will also do. You can’t buy a LM June 22, At the end of the data sheet there is a list of full part numbers with package types. And of course cars have colors. What is the problem?