GAS-ACTUATED RELAYS BUCHHOLZ TYPE . The new Comem Buchholz relay is an assembly of two machined aluminium alloy castings that effect a perfect. GAS-ACTUATED RELAYS COMEM TYPE. The range: 2. BG 25 H. Weight kg. Minimum clearance to remove the mecanism from the body. Min. The Buchholz relay also takes over the function of an oil level indicator when there The MSafe® Buchholz relay impresses with its robust construction in which.

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The collection and analysis of gases in an oil-insulated transformer can indicate the severity of the default. This flow of oil operates a switch attached to a vane located in the path of the moving oil. Installation guidelines The following table gives guidelines values: If this happens, the flow vane switches the reed. R1 Gas accumulation is monitored and kept under control by the gas relay. The relay 16 is provided with a movable device of the flap type, designated by the reference numeral 33, which is constituted by a flat member 37 from one end of which a pivot 35 protrudes.

Gas shall not freely pass from the relay body and escape into the pipework before the alarm contact has operated. Another advantage is ensured in that the Buchholz relay of the invention allows to set the intervention threshold in case of oil currents in a manner which is extremely simple and fast to perform and most of all is absolutely precise.

Alternatively, it is mounted on top of oil conservators and once there is a sudden air flow from air bag it trips the transformer. Within the scope of this aim, an important object of the present invention is to provide a Buchholz relay which ensures good characteristics in terms of safety and most relzy all precision in the setting of the intervention threshold.

As a routine test all castings are tested by injecting ambient air xomem 2. The present invention relates to a Buchholz relay. The frame 25 has a structure which is mostly longitudinally elongated and on which two posts 27 are provided in which seats 28 are formed for accommodating magnetic buchhol The terminal box cover 1 is fixed to the terminal box with 4 unloosable screws. The Buchholz relay is sited in the pipework between the transformer and coemm conservator and it is filled with oil during normal transformer operation.


Events Customer events Investor events Media events. Sides 39 are flat, with a substantially trapezoidal plan which is delimited by the pivot 35 in an upward region and by the end 42 of the flat member 37 in a downward region.

Please try again later or go to https: The identity of the gases being generated by a particular unit can be very useful information in any preventative maintenance program. Your cart Learn more about shopping on ABB.

RELÉ, BUCHHOLZ Ref.: BRML-0 V=1M/S (COMEM) | Spares in Motion

Buchholz relais are available with improved corrosion resistance C5 class according to ISOsuitable for offshore environment and high salinity area. The flow vent 9 has two permanent magnets.

Ensure air bag functionality within the oil conservator. Helium leak test as guarantee of oil and gas leak proofness Before being delivered, every single Buchholz relay is checked for leak proofness in addition to a function test. Figure 1 is a partially sectional view of a transformer provided with a relay of the Buchholz type according to the invention; Figure 2 is a front view of a Buchholz relay according to the invention; Figure 3 is a perspective view of a detail of the relay of Figure 2; Figure 4 is a view of some of the components shown in Figure 3; Figure 5 is an exploded view of one of the components of the Buchholz relay shown in Figure 4.

The sides 39 are parallel and are kept together by a tubular support 40 which protrudes monolithically from them with an axis which is parallel to the pivot Go to worldwide contacts. I need more information ABB Sales. The relay 16 is constituted by a hermetic body 17 which is preferably made of cast aluminum alloy and in which inspection ports 18 are formed preferably made of tempered glass and provided with graduated scales Partial discharges, leakage currents, hot spots and arcing are phenomena that contribute to degradation of oil insulating performances by generating dangerous gas flow inside the transformer tank.

Each one of guides 46 has, in the innermost end portion of its extension, a seat 47 which is suitable to accommodate the end 36 of the pivot 35 of the movable flap device Leakage current, arcing, flashovers, loss of insulating liquid or excessively high flow rates can generate gas and affect transformer performance.


Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. For the sake of standardisation the device is fitted with the left and right hand valve supports but only one valve.

Currently it is indispensable to provide all oil-filled transformers with a Buchholz relay so that the generation of gas and the presence of significant oil currents are reported immediately. In this embodiment, the upper movable buchholx 30 directly actuates the alarm circuit in a per se known manner, while the lower movable device 31 is connected to the disconnection circuit.

For this test Messko uses helium at its state-of-the-art test stand. Remote testing possibility At any time the MSafe can be triggered via a compressed air line to test its readyness of operation.


The two ends 36 of pivot 35 can rotatably engage the posts 27 of the frame 25, as specified in greater detail hereinafter. Strada Statale Padana Superiore Km. The flap is usually obtained monolithically with the lower floater, and when significant oil currents occur, the flap, by rotating about its own axis because it is directly affected by the flow, causes the intervention of the switch for closing the disconnection circuit.

In other cases, the flap is adjusted by moving it appropriately along suitable guides or by using fixing screws, so as to reduce the surface of the flap that is affected by the oil currents.

Gases moving in the direction of the oil conservator or shock waves created by the rapid gas development trigger the signaling system of the Buchholz relay. An upper movable device 30 and an equivalent lower movable device 31 are fixed to the frame 25; each device is of a per se known type and comprises a floater 32 of the lever type.