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The US markets continued to show strong gains, as they benefited from a more expansionary monetary policy by the Federal Reserve FED and better prospects for the US economy: This increase is primarily explained by: Oi has reorganised its business units in order to move its focus from product to customer segments, having defined three main customer segments and priorities: The Commission is already preparing the first steps of implementation of this decision.

Gross unfunded obligations initial balance. For large corporates, PT makes available: By participating in this new infrastructure, CVT increases its future international interconnectivity. In effect, while service revenues minus direct costs declined by Euro million, EBITDA only declined by Euro million, reflecting a resilient focus on cost cutting and profitability of operations.

Tmn pontos catalogo

In fact, emerging markets are accounting for most of the telecommunications sector growth, having grown faster than mature markets CAGR in fixed and mobile revenues of 6. Prices are expected to remain at. Inrevenues from the Enterprises segment increased by 0.

As a result of this comprehensive and end-to-end strategy, in PT continued to transform its business by providing new services and expanding the boundaries of its markets, a trend that is already observed in results: Important steps were taken in the development of a new version of Medigraf, a telemedicine solution which enables remote consultations and diagnoses, sharing of medical tests, visualisation and manipulation of medical images, as well as simultaneous online communication between medical professionals.


Change in gross unfunded obligations. Ponto a result of this success, residential ARPU was up 2. PT caatlogo clear priorities to create value in all customer segments, leveraging its unique assets.

MEO Go – TV em qualquer lugar | MEO Go

Establishing a European Cloud Partnership to drive innovation and growth from the public sector. InGDP is estimated to have grown 4.

The weight of non-voice revenues in service revenues stood at The labour market continued showing signs of improvement, with the unemployment rate declining to 7. As for supporting Small and Medium Enterprises in Portugal, saw the launch, in collaboration with Microsoft and the Portuguese Economy and Employment Ministry, of the PME Digital initiative, with the pomtos of helping Portuguese small businesses to use ICT to increase their productivity and competitiveness.

Tmn pontos catalogo 2013

Brazil – Oi 1. The stabilisation of the financial markets was visible in 2H12, which translated into the narrowing of the peripheral economies public debt securities spreads against Germany.

Wholesale, other and eliminations revenues declined to Euro million Compensation for the negative operating margins of the mandatory services. Operating cash flow stood at Euro million in and Euro 1, million in Nevertheless, tax revenues registered a negative evolution inresulting primarily from changes in the economic climate, reflected in particular in consumption and imports.

This was made possible cataolgo a direct result of the strategy of providing a unique service to customers, based on high levels on interactivity and an excellent user experience. Oi and Contax final balance.

This increase reflects the effect of the proportional consolidation in 1Q12 Euro millionpartially offset by the impact of the depreciation of the Brazilian Real against the Euro Euro million. In Portugal, the economic situation in was mainly characterised by the implementation of the economic and financial adjustment programme.


Net interest expenses income. Net actuarial gains lossesnet of taxes. At a national level, PT has been engaging with a growing number of universities. According to tn IMF, the programme is broadly on track, despite stronger headwinds.

Telecommunications context in Portugal. The company has continued to concentrate on bringing new solutions into its SmartCloudPT portfolio, both internally developed services e. These improvements were tested in pilots and will roll out during This tmmn the impact of the proportional consolidation of Oi, Contax and its controlling holding companies in 1Q12, amounting to Euro 66 pojtos.

The penetration of broadband and of pay-TV in residential fixed lines stands at The expansion of the competitive boundaries is creating additional pressure for telecommunication operators, but also creating significant opportunities. Adjusting for this effect, equity accounting in earnings of affiliated companies would have increased from Euro million in to Euro million in With the intent of promoting a closer relationship between the industry and universities, the SAPO Labs project has the main objective of developing innovative projects in the area of technology, with a start-up incubation environment.

This performance reflected the revenue decline at the Enterprise and Personal customer segments Euro 86 million and Euro 80 million, respectivelyagainst challenging economic conditions, and lower revenues from wholesale and other, including intragroup eliminations Euro 54 millionthat more than compensated the 4.

Unfunded pensions and healthcare obligations. Consolidated Annual Report GDP growth is projected to have slowed to about 4. Network investment is critical. As consumers go digital, so do companies need to transform their business models to adapt to new consumer habits.