The Original Louis Maggio System For Brass [Carlton MacBeth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Never before had the brass world been. The original Louis Maggio system for brass [Carlton MacBeth] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get this from a library! The original Louis Maggio system for brass.. [Carlton MacBeth; Louis Maggio].

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You are also a nice person to talk to and also one of the people that motivated me, although you probably don’t know that you did, to buy a Maccbeth. Until you find a Maggio Instructor, keep practicing the system and do so in a mirror so you can immediately see when you are starting to alter the technique. Feb 6, 9. But, correct repetition corrects it over time. I have the book by Carlton MacBeth. Doing a major change without some competent help is a road to disaster.

Feb 3, 6. Later you can add Lessons 8, 10, 7 and others until you have a flexible routine depending on how busy you are with other things in life. Share This Page Tweet. Do you already have an account?

It seemed really weird to me initially, but the concept seemed realistic. If madbeth private teacher and the maccbeth of these exercises point out weaknesses, you may have to change some things.

Carlton Macbeth Louis Maggio System

I have done and still do MaggioI use a different embouchure setting than what is described in his bookI roll my bottom back over my bottom teethwhich causes the top lip to pucker as I play higher, I find that Maggio also works well with this set up. I could be totally off base but again, if you insist on going on with this get competent help.


Guys I already play, have for 32 years. I don’t do them in an isolated way sitting and playing pedals for two hours! I still can’t hit some of those peddle tones that he hits with ease. His lower register advanced extremely quickly. Never the less I can try to faithfully relay what he taught me. He was the perfect example of what a teacher can be to a student and in his honor I will attempt to return the favor as best I can with the understanding that Carlton was a much greater trumpet player than me and I am only a shadow of him.

The Maggio System is teaching him to maintain the same technique no matter the register along with remaining as relax high as he is low. I am pulling the corners of the mouth in to the eye teeth as described. Profit was never his intent. Jul 23, Alan was a studednt of McBeth and he is also a very nice person to talk to.

Search Media New Media. When I tried to correct him, he became frustrated saying that his teacher told him to do it that way.

Thank you for your reply Al. Feb 2, 3. Jerry, you are correct in that Maggio is downstream – as you blow the air column downward toward the chin. Having an instructor who has mastered the Maggio System is something that you should research. It sounds as if you are not a “downstream” type and the Maggio, as I understand works for downstream. Maggio wouldn’t mass sell his books. Since we had joined his summer camp, he made room for him.

It will take a lot of practice, because your muscles will revert to old habits when they reach areas to which they have not become comfortable. As others,especially Rowuk, would say do-it-yourself embouchure changing which sounds like what you are doing is a path to disaster.

They were issued to those who took lessons with him. I did not like my son’s embouchure. You must log in or sign up to reply here. No, create an account now. I can continue playing and ascending, right now up to a G above high C, and the sound is very brilliant, but I just do not know if this is the way it is suppose to work or should the bottom lip stay put as in the original set up?


Feb 2, 1. Search Media New Media. To simply things, I would prefer that any communications with me come to the address above that Jim Kot listed: Yes, my password is: Do you already have an account?

Looking for students of Carlton MacBeth

For me, the purpose of playing in the pedal register is to find the best placement for your embouchure on the rest of the range of the trumpet. Feb 4, macbehh. Aug 27, 2. In other words, he wanted to make sure it was taught properly. Aug 27, 5.

Check out Runes Trumpet Thoughts web site, he shows illustrations of the different embouchures taught and used by the authors and players of a lot of systems and methods including Maggio, click on embouchure. He mentioned how Mr. However, when I play this way I can start out on a low C just fine, but as I ascend and go to a G in the staff, the lower lip begins sliding out and moves forward and does not retain the original position as described in the book.

Is this supposed to happen? No, create an account now.