I am not sure, but I would think it would be Arbeitsamt in Hamburg. They will need an ‘Arbeitsbescheinigung’ from your old employer(s). you became aware of it and when your last day was (Arbeitsbescheinigung). The Arbeitsagentur is incentivizing a pro-active approach to doing everything. can someone tell me what is format of “Arbeitsbescheinigung”? Example This form is normally needed only in Arbeitsamt, when you apply for.

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E from Germany If you paid into the unemployment insurance in Germany, your contributions will count no matter what nationality you are. It is recommended to use the online platform to register yourself as soon-to-be out of a job. Sign in Already have an account? Will be very greatful if you arbeitsbescheiniging help me: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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How long until ALG1 is received?

There is no more requirements to be eligible for benefits than listed in the post. I submitted the original adbeitsamt of forms that week. However I did not mention it to the Arbeitsamt that I was doing a course, because I was told by others that in that case I would not receive the benefits I am otherwise entitled to after having to worked for 2 years previously in Berlin already.

E from Germany Hi, yes you need to contact the Arbeitsagentur in Hamburg: You need their exact titles. Before being fired she worked for 5 years in Germany.

Recently I got Permanent resident permit Niederlassungerlaubniss Visa also. Sign in Already have an account? I have very basic German language done only A1 certificatetrying to improve further by taking the online classes. Mark as an Answer. By default, being a German resident is a must to apply for ALG 1, however maybe as a detached worker, you have some exceptions applying to you?


My question is following. You should ask at German labour office for the document U1 previously E where your insurance time in Germany is stated clearly.

Simple step by step guide to unemployment benefits in Germany

Posted 8 Nov They will understand that you had plans before-hand. For the issue of the U1 form we would recommend to contact directly the German labour office: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Maybe the contract has a shorter notice period or maybe you have agreed to a voluntary resignation type of deal. Sign In Sign Up.

This is one where you might very well benefit from some quick googling run through a translator to be arbeitsakt on what the process is. The day after losing my employment, I went into the Arbeitsamt, got the forms, etc. Meanwhile there are many thousand posts, so please use our ‘ Search ‘ function if you are arbeitsbsscheinigung for a special topic.

E from Germany Hi, I just received an email from Arbeits agentur Munich that they needed more information. I also have doubt on other peoples opinion on: One of these times can be to learn one day that you are going to be out of a job soon. You realize this forum is to exchange information, not just randomly insult people. But I may be wrong, and anyone else will read it in same way. This is what we help you to get in this guide.

I am not arbetsbescheinigung EU citizen 3. I am a bit worried about the amount of time one need to stay in the town where you are registered. Then, a month later, I received a mail saying I had an appointment that same day the letter was delivered lateI called and emailed immediately, and arbeistbescheinigung in with a translator the following day, where they told me I would meet with someone this following Monday.


Arbeitsbescheinigung or work certificate – Life in Munich – Toytown Germany

Their family members and survivors are also covered if they are in the EU. I spend two weeks working on sea and then fly straight back to Ireland for two weeks. Our Valuation Advisory team professionals have earned an outstanding name for themselves in the valuation of retail property. Wow, Vronchen I didn’t know that was possible.

I have aGerman passport but have never lived in Germany. Language proficiency is not one of them. Am I eligible for unemployment? You need support while your improve your profile. You really do need to do some reading on it. I would be coming with my son and would be starting from scratch-no home, no job etc. What happens if you fail to register in time 2 — Registering online or not as looking for a job 3 — Registering in person as being unemployed 4 — Filling in the application document 5- Receive confirmation at home 6- Fulfill your duties and prepare the transition FAQ Can i transfer unemployment benefits earned back home to Germany?