Academic phrase bank 1. The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers. It makes explicit the more common. The Academic Phrasebank is a general resource for academic writers. . In a recent study (Davis and Morley, ), 45 academics from two British universities . Dr. John Morley, who is Director of University-wide Language Programmes, wrote The Academic Phrasebank to help both writers of English as a second.

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This study systematically reviews the data for The study has confirmed the findings of Smith et al. None of these differences were statistically significant. Evidence for X has been mixed.

This essay has discussed the reasons for In terms of directions for future research, further work could The issue has grown in importance in light of recent Critics of laboratory-based experiments contend that such studies … Another problem with this approach is that it fails to take X into account. The phrases, and the headings under which they are listed, can be used simply to assist you in thinking about the content and organisation of your own writing, or the phrases can be incorporated into your writing where this is appropriate.

The role of X in Y has received increased attention across a number of disciplines in recent years. Acadrmic clear benefit of X in the prevention of Y phrasebqnk not be identified in this analysis. The first serious discussions and analyses of X emerged during the s with … There have been a number of longitudinal studies involving X that have reported … Xs were reported in the first studies of Y e.


It was hypothesised that participants with a history of Carnoy, have attempted to draw fine distinctions between For more than a century, scientists have been interested in the existence of … In light of recent events in X, it is becoming extremely difficult to ignore the existence of … Highlighting an important problem X is a leading cause of … One of the main obstacles … One of the greatest challenges … A key issue is the safe disposal of … The main disadvantage of X is that … X is associated with increased risk of … X is a common disorder characterised by … It is now well established that X can impair … X is a common, chronic disease afademic childhood.

There are several possible explanations for this result.

The findings of this study suggest that The first major fieldwork project that was undertaken in X was … A good summary of the classification of X has been provided in the work of … In a comprehensive literature review of X, Smith identified three significant … One well-known study that is often cited in research on X is that of Smithwho found … The innovative and seminal work of Smith pioneered a new approach to examining X and provided a valuable insight into … Reference to previous research: Chapter 5 analyses the results of interviews and focus group discussions undertaken during Further data collection is required to determine exactly how X affects Y.

A positive correlation was found between X and Y. It is possible that these results are due to … are limited to … are only valid for … may not apply to … do not represent the … do not accurately reflect … have been confounded by The advantages of Xs are that they are simple to deliver.


In her review of Some authors have mainly been interested in questions concerning X Smith, ; Jones In a recent cross-sectional study, Smith b investigated whether … In a large longitudinal study, Smith et al.

AuthorAID – Resource of the Week # Academic Phrasebank

It was not possible to investigate the significant relationships of X and Y further because… The responses relating to X were subjective and were therefore susceptible to recall bias. There are similarities between the attitudes expressed by X in this study and those described by Smith, This dissertation follows a case-study design, with in-depth analysis of In the final part of the survey, respondents were asked All of the participants were aged between 18 and 19 at the beginning of the study Of patients who were sent invitations, 81 returned the reply slip, of whom 60 agreed to … By the end of the survey period, data had been collected from 64 individuals, 23 of whom were … There were 53 responses to the question: These words should be substituted when the phrases are used.

On the question of X, this study found that Nine items on the questionnaire measured the extent to which Second … Issues related to X were not particularly prominent in the interview data.

This observation may support the hypothesis that … It may be the case therefore that these variations