“The Coral Fang,” is Luke Jermay’s third collection of material to be published. This manuscript does not concentrate as heavily on the use of suggestion in. The Coral Fang. Written by Luke Jermay. Work of Luke Jermay. 40 pages ( Stapled), published by unknown publisher. Language: English. (12 entries). magic tricks forum – The Effect Very long – please follow the link to read Alakazam’s product description. Cost £ from Difficulty (1=easy to.

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Please consult the history of the original page to see a list of its authors. Customer Reviews showing 1 – of 8. I’m working my fxng through Building Blocks at the moment.

Luke’s thinking is very clever and I think that all of the effects in the book are brilliant. View our magic tricks index. This, as I believe I have said about all of the effects in this book, is brilliant.

The book features the following effects: It sets you up perfectly for the rest of your performance. Questions about this product. Can be performed “real time” with no pre-show, no secret helpers, and no where for the spectators mind to hide! At age 15, he wrote his first published book 7 Deceptions Wonder Wizards, which reached international popularity within the lkke community.


The very few times that I have performed this, so far, have appeared exactly as described. Blowing Bubbles This isn’t necessarily a stand-alone effect, but more a very effective presentational device. The performer reads the mind of a jsrmay who is visibly seen to react the moment the thought leaves their mind. Read our privacy policy.

Coral Fang by Luke Jermay

Most are incredibly simple and will leave you wondering how you didn’t figure them out before, but thanks to Luke’s presentational ideas and small subtleties, appear impossible and leave lasting impressions on your audiences. We’re proud to let you read our mail. Where It Has To. I don’t wish to go into much detail about either of these, except to say that both make for jerjay very interesting read and provide useful tips for later performances.

It really is the best thing in the entire book!

Again, it is a very simple effect, but the presentation really sells it as with, I suppose, most mental effects and makes it the small lule it appears to be. Books by Luke Jermay. I love the routines in this book. He has also worked with many other magicians and mentalists as writer, designer of psychological illusions and program consultant.


A powerful model to be used for pre show work.

The Coral Fang (Luke Jermay)

The performer influences a spectator fabg select the safe bag for him to crush. They also confirm the fact that they felt you reach into their mind and remove that very thought. Blowing Bubbles is a nice little “move” as well. It uses a couple gimmicks, but you could find ’em here on Penguin for under.

Maybe it’s that bias that makes me think everything he puts out is fantastic. Finally, a Russian Roulette without risk! Sure fire way to make a spectator forget exactly what they were focusing on.

Which is in my opinion the best thing I Luke Jermay have ever come up with. Mandrakebananafish, Lady of Mystery, supportnickj.

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