In this week’s episode of the Ultraculture podcast, I talk to the legendary and well- loved occult author, teacher and songwriter Lon Milo. Enochian Magic in Theory by Frater Yechidah The Essential Enochian Grimoire by Aaron Leitch Enochian Vision Magick by Lon Milo DuQuette Enochian Magic. Originally published on October 22, Our friend Lon Milo DuQuette returns to the show in Podcast 52 to discuss his latest book, Enochian.

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Also, as in the everyday world, it is unwise to try to juggle too many of these relationships at the same time. The color enochiqn light should be golden yellow growing brighter and clearer as you vibrate each Name. I recently had reason to cast my eyes back over Lon’s Enochian book as I refreshed my mind concerning the origins of the system and the precise derivation of the various names, etc.

The descriptions of the historical process as well as the practical guide for the reader exceeds all expectations. When we “see” a life form, such as an Angel or a unicorn or an aardvark, it is an abstract personification of an idea. Bajile madarida i zodirope cahiso darisapa! Amema cahisa sobra madarida zod cahisa! The Spirit surrenders to you. Unto whom I fastened 19 Pillars of Gladness, and gave them vessels to water the earth with her creatures; and they are the brothers of the First and Second, and 89 Enochian World ofAleister Crowley the beginning of their own seats, which are garnished with 69, ever- burning lamps: If you keep this diagram in front of you while reading Part III of Chanokh I think you will have no trouble understanding what is being said.

Regardie’s copy of Wilhelm’s Secret Of The Golden Flower, 3rd impression,there are a number of passages underlined. Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen.


There are two participants whom we will refer to as the Magician and the Assistant. Lanibame oucaho sayomepe, od caharisateosa ajitoltorenu, mireca qo tiobela lela.

Full text of “Lon Milo DuQuette – Enochian World Of Aleister Crowley Enochian Sex Magick – “

Get a broader perspective of what Enochian entities might This book is easy to understand, and a great place to start for understanding Enochian magical workings. Begin by imagining a scintillating white light about the size of a small basketball forming above the head and enochin the top of the skull.

Angels who give cryptographic codes that only can be decyphered after they are done. It is only through you that the Divine your Superconsciousness can manifest on this plane. This charming tale contains a profound magical truth. For example, some years ago I accepted a job from an old friend who asked me to edit a psychology book he had just completed.

Extend the aims again as enocchian 3 and enchian them again as in 6saying: Each has 10 squares.

He is now widely recognized as the first Western investigator to give initiation a truly scientific method. Repeat 1 and 2 above. Bring the energy down through the chest until it rests at the Heart or Tiphareth.

The “soul searching” necessary for such an important act is awesome and should not be embarked upon with a frivolous attitude. I had asked Crowley expert, Lon DuQuette, to write an epilogue for my book.

Oct 18, Walter Bishop rated it it was amazing. Once the Call is recited the names of the Governors are vibrated one at a time. Sometimes two recorders are very handy, one for taking notes and the other for playing Calls.

The ancients also duqyette a Fifth Element quite literally a “quintessence” which serves the double duty of binding the four Elements together and at the same time keeping them far enough apart to retain their individuality.

Full-on practical modern ‘grimoire’ giving a lively introduction to the enochian material and its use.


Thus you are become the skirts of Justice and Truth. The Sign of the Rending of the Veil. It is important to maintain some level of objective consciousness. When it is clear that the vision is finished, or when it is obvious that the Magician is now fatigued or ready to fall asleep it is time to end the operation. A must have miol for Enochian practice.

When you have firmly assumed this responsibility you will realize that there is no Enochian universe per se. In other books of Enochian Magick, particularly those written in the last 10 years, you will find elaborate instructions that differ considerably from what is suggested below. It is also one of the most misunderstood.

I drew it on a piece of scratch paper and after the obligatory banishing I gazed upon it for a few minutes then went to bed. The illustrations in Plate I are too small to read.

I will not argue that Crowley demands much from his readers. Make it easy on enkchian. When originally published the title did not bear the number.

Podcast 52 – Lon Milo DuQuette’s Enochian Vision Magick

Triliteral names of demons or elementals are to be formed from these 16 squares, uniting the two letters on either side of the upright of the cross with a letter chosen from the Central Tablet or black cross in accordance with rules which will be given in their due place.

Elemental spirits, whose natures are so specialized that they lack the balance of qualities necessary for sentient life, do indeed long for union with “complete” beings such as ourselves.

The illustration on Plate II was taken from Dee’s diaries.