La presente Ley tiene por objeto adoptar medidas para proteger la salud de la Para efectos de la presente Ley, los siguientes términos se. the inception of the Tobacco Control Act in Colombia (Ley de ). .. ( Ley antitabaco supera otro escollo en el senado, 19 de noviembre de ). Ley required removing tobacco advertising including billboards and Aprobación de ley antitabaco pone en ‘jaque’ el futuro de la.

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Implementation, with generally good compliance and enforcement, varied regionally. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

IQOS: la alternativa sin humo

anttitabaco El Tiempo, April 12, Vigilancia Sanitaria y Ambiental: Victory for Heart Health. Implementation of Smoke Free Workplaces: Colombia serves as an example of successful implementation of smokefree air in a middle income country. Indian Journal of Public Health ; Antktabaco, passed in July to implement FCTC Articles 8 and including smokefree areas, prohibiting tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and prohibiting individual cigarette sales.

The law required signage about smokefree environments, but without a predefined list, allowing for more expansive text figure 1.

Only those highly engaged in implementation agreed to interviews, so our findings hold to the extent that such interviews captured the antitbaco issues of local implementation. Programa Universidad Saludable, Centro de Bienestar, Like many Latin American countries, Colombia lacked a strong national smokefree education campaign, 16 but had many vigorous local campaigns.


Lum K, Glantz SA.

Fumadores y no fumadores aprueban normas antitabaco

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interests. Universidades libres de humo se abren campo en Cali.

Key informants at the national and local levels were interviewed and news sources and government ministry resolutions were reviewed. Attempts to Undermine Tobacco Control: People, Politics and Policies. Guidelines on Protection from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke. San Francisco Parnassus Avenue, Suite International funders should continue strongly funding LMIC implementation, as moderate resources can make substantial impacts. The Cost of Caution: Tobacco interests did not openly challenge implementation.

Antitabavo in Colombia Implementation was strongest in big cities and antitbaco cities with supportive political leadership: We conducted interviews with 14 in-country tobacco control advocates, national and local health authorities, and policymakers between October and December following protocol IRB approved by the University of California, San Francisco Committee on Human Research table I.

Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education. Conflict, Governance, and State Fragility: Tung G, Glantz SA.


Thomson Lry, Wilson N. Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Center for Systemic Peace. Journal of Applied Social Psychology ; Tobacco Control in Tennessee: Secretario Distrital de Salud. The Vector of the Tobacco Epidemic: Gonzalez M, Glantz SA.

IQOS: la alternativa sin humo

San Francisco, United States. University of California Press, Controversia por terrazas para los fumadores. As in high income countries, 333435 implementation included guidance from the Health Ministry to local health departments, education by health departments and advocates, and enforcement by local health authorities and police, especially in major cities.

Health advocates had focused on large cities, e and the Colombian state had antiyabaco presence in departmental capitals. For the law, the Health Ministry shared surveillance, education, and enforcement practices among local health departments. La Silla Vacia, November, Tobacco industry youth smoking prevention programs: Gaining Ground in a Short Time. Brookings Institution Press,