Uncertain Magic [Laura Kinsale] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Roderica Delamore is an heiress and should be a prize catch—except. Roderica Delamore is an heiress and should be a prize catch—except for an embarrassing and magical secret. She has the Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale. Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale – book cover, description, publication history.

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Uncertain Magic — All About Romance

Yet I am still amazed at magoc creativity and complexity of her work and plan to read it all. Other than that, though, it was a really good book. One thing that bothered me through the whole book was Faelan’s incessant use of the term “little girl” as an endearment. In the end I felt like the story was cut short.

Book Review: Uncertain Magic by Laura Kinsale

Comments closed due to spam. Not everyone is happy for the two lovers. A Faelen’s mother oh I did not like her at all but reading the last chapter wow she is really horrible. Her characters and plot are rarely cliche.

Uncertain Magic Cursed with the ability to hear the thoughts of those around her, Roderica is resigned to living without marriage or love. Estoy entre 3 y 3,5 porque realmente, objetivamente, la historia no es correcta, ha mezclado tantas cosas que al final el libro no va de nada Faelan wants only to restore his home and lands to profitability, and introduces many measures to improve the lot of his tenants. During this time strange things start happening to Roddy. I never knew what would happen next and seemed to just float through the story like ethereal mist.

Desert Isle Keeper

THings starts to get interesting. We are not presented with the build up of a gradual romance here. Just finished my second read-through, and as they say about yon fiction, it was even better than I remembered. Nellab Anche io passo allora Dec 27, I seem to be going backwards in reading your books, and Ive enjoy all of them, but nothing comes close to FFTS. No trivia or quizzes yet. It’s almost as if I sensed I’d be left screaming at the book: I adored both main characters, with all their flaws and virtues, though I was more intrigued by Faelan.


I was enough intrigued to find out how dark he was, how much, if anything, Roddy the heroine would have to forgive.

That is part of the reason why I love Kinsale books so much, they always make me FEEL, and it’s always a range of feelings. Even if he’s not mad, it’s clear that he has involvement in the Irish rebellion, and won’t balk at violence when it comes from dealing with the people who get in his way.

Yet Faelan has reasons of his own for needing Roddy as much as Roddy thinks she needs him. The cover had no picture at all- it was white with just the title.

There were great parts of this book: The ending is pure magic. They call Faelan Savigar “the Devil Earl”—a handsome, impoverished lord damned by dark rumor and whispered innuendo. She is a real piece of work.

His guilt drives him to lead a life of reckless abandon, until he finds Roddy. I think a couple more chapter and Epilogue would be nice. The chapter towards the end where we finally see his point of view was enthralling, he was so vulnerable and so young. Roddy, the heroine, is from a wealthy horse breeding family and the hero, Faelan, is an impoverished Irish earl. Or that Roddy is safe with Faelan. There are plenty of authors for these readers. It was very dramatic and Faelan goes into a tailspin when he can’t find her.

The Good Magc, Kinsale writes a hero with enough complexity and enough mystery that one keeps reading to find out more about him and keeps one rooting for him. Writing a convincing, memorable heroine is hard, and Kinsale should get props for doing that in amgic of her books that I’ve read—eight at this point—so far. Dec 04, Lea’s Audiobooks Hensley rated it really liked it.


Apr kibsale, Minerva Spencer rated it it was amazing. While his reputation would lead most women to avoid him, Roderica Delamore isn’t like most other women. MacLassar the pig Laura’s Comment: They aren’t archetypes and they aren’t riddled with tropes.

Trivia About Uncertain Magic. The explanation for Faelan’s lifelong memory lapses as well as what happened with Roddy’s “gift” felt glossed over to me and not really given the attention and weight kindale deserved. Want to Read saving….

If they had just sat down and talked for fifteen minutes tops, none of the last-minute gotchas of the last act would have even been an issue. For all that this is a historical novel you can barely tell as the story is character driven, about the relationships between the two main characters and how they overcome obstacles both together and apart.

SO i was bored, i was looking for a quick intertaining read, nothing to splashy, and i picked this up, started reading View kisnale 4 comments. It’s because of her gift or curse, depending on who you are and how you view it.

For our hero is a riddle wrapped in a mystery, oddly so, i thought he was pretty much of an open book all the time. He proceeds to court her, quickly, since he is also short on time.

What can i do!!!!