KX-TGFX Cordless Telephone pdf manual download. Programming PIN to language changes as follows (KX-TG series: page 3). Download or view product documentation, drivers or software by selecting product category and model number below or alternatively enter the model (a. On this page you can get: Mobile phone PANASONIC KX-TG manual – is available for free download. All information such as file size, preview picture.

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R If you have set the alarm, the alarm sounds even if the night mode is turned on. Erasing all entries middle soft key a a MbN: After selecting the desired entries, press.

PANASONIC KX-TG8551FX Operating Instructions Manual Page 36

Contact your PBX supplier if kx-tg8561en. This feature is useful for time periods when you do not want to be disturbed, for example, while sleeping. Date of purchase Model No. Operation Paging the desired unit. A total of 5 separate alarm times can be programmed for each handset.

PANASONIC KX-TG8561E Operating Instructions Manual

The more bars visible, the closer the handset is to the base unit. To cancel, press M N.

R When all entries have been kx-tg8516eb, “Completed” is displayed. Model shown is KX-TG Important Information R When you leave the product unused for a Information for Users on Collection long period of time, unplug the product from and Disposal of Old Equipment and the power outlet.


Enter the desired date and month. R The illustrations in these instructions may vary slightly from the actual product.


Select the desired item you want to change. Operation “Calendar” Code 33 Viewing the calendar and setting the schedule alarm. To turn this feature on, see page The electrolyte is toxic and may be harmful if swallowed. Kx-hg8561eb digital telephone with built in answering system and tft colour display 72 pages.

Panasonic KX-TGEB DECT telephone with Answer Machine only £ | Extera Direct

Backlight is on dimmed. You can set one of 3 different alarm options once, daily, or weekly for each alarm time.

N at all other times. To access the features, there are 2 methods. Clean more often if the unit is exposed to grease, dust, or high humidity.

Useful Mahual Greek character table Extended 1 character table R The following are used for both uppercase and lowercase: M N To copy to the personal phonebook: Backlight turns off after 10 seconds of charging.

Stops recording or playback. R Display menu order and sub-menu may vary depending on your model. Erasing all entries To erase all entries in the shared phonebook: R Do not open or mutilate the batteries. R Press the same dial key repeatedly to display the first entry corresponding to each character located on that dial key. Radio waves emitted from this product may cause such devices to malfunction resulting in an accident. Press M Intercom calls can be made between handsets in the same radio cell.


R If you edit a phonebook entry which is assigned to a speed dial mwnual, the edited entry does not transfer to the speed dial key. Enter the party’s phone number 24 digits max.

A text memo can also be displayed for the alarm. A schedule alarm sounds at the set time for 1 minute. R Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Adding entries 1 To add entries to the shared phonebook: Page 23 Phonebook To copy to the personal phonebook: To copy from the shared phonebook MbN: R Panasonic System Networks Co. R When in multiple items display mode, you can switch the screen to confirm the.

All information such as file size, preview picture, category manual, model and more, manuzl can find below. In this case it complies with the requirement set by the Directive for the chemical involved. Answering System Recording your greeting message Listening to messages middle soft key using the base unit MbN: R When the batteries are fully charged, “Fully charged” is displayed.

R If you forget your PIN, see page Select the outside line. R In the event of problems, you should contact your equipment supplier in the first instance. Select the desired alarm tone.