Visit us on the web at for more information: • Price Quotations • Drivers· Technical Specifications. Manuals and Documentation . Model System DMM Instruction Manual Rev. D. Manual Type: Primary User; Part Number: D. Release Date: Sep 17 View and Download Keithley DMM instruction manual online. 5 function autoranging digital multimeter. DMM Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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A filter value can be set for any or all measurement func- tions and is remembered by each function. A Model specification LabView library example for K Now, enter the following statements into the computer: Place the LLO command byte on the data bus.


Disconnect the test leads from the circuit under test. Data obtained from each meastirement point could be stored using the data store of the Model Sudden shifts in reading.

Once a zero value is set on a measurement function, that manyal level is the same on all the ranges. These can be large compared to the signal which the Model can measure. Has an internal cal enable jumper. HP Programming Example— With Translator words already defined, enter he following program statements to list them: The G commands are as follows: Offset-Compensated Ohms-Offset-compensated ohms is used to compensate for voltage potentials such as thermal EMFs across the device under test.

For example, TEST might be sent over the bus in the following format: Adjust the frequency of the signal generator until a peak AC voltage reading is measured on the Model With S2 or S3 asserted, the fastest valid storage interval I is 31msec and 35msec respectively. NEW is also used to combine Translator words and is explained in paragraph 3. Once the instrument is reset to the factory default con- ditions with this program.

Connect the DC voltage calibrator to the Model as shown in Figure If an invalid number is entered, the instrument will exit from the program with keiyhley IEEE primary address being set to The interface function codes, which are part of the IEEE standards, define an instrument’s ability to support various interface functions, and they should not be confused with programming commands found elsewhere in this manual.


DC Power supplies Tech: The third statement is a substitute for the F2 command, and will place the instru- ment in the ohms function. The following prompt wiU be displayed: The ZERO control can be used to null out constant off- set voltages.

The instru- ment manuql return to the previously defined state.

Keithley 196 DMM Manuals

See Digital Filter Theory. Bit 6 RQS will be cleared when the status byte is read.

For add data please reference Unsorted RAW directory. The Model can be programmed to generate an SRQ under one or more of the following conditions: Connect the signal to be keithpey to the selected input terminals as shown in Figure The instrument places its serial poll byte on the data bus to be read by the controller.

Digital filtering must be used to obtain a stable reading. If it is desired to retain the displayed status value, proceed to step 4.

Sending ID over the bus will not change the current line frequency setting, and will save that setting as the default setting. If a trigger overrun error occurs. Big String Error A big string error manuwl when keithlye to display a message using the D command that exceeds 10 characters.

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Press the PRGM button. Display opera- tion may be returned to normal by entering the following statement: To store a series of readings in the buffer after the ENTER button is pressed, send T6 continuous on ex- ternal trigger over the bus.

If a wild card Translator word is sent without an option number, the instrument will default to option 0. Line 30 then attempts to pro- gram an illegal command option, at which point the in- strument generates an SRQ and sets the bus error bit in its status byte.


Upon power up, or after the instrument receives a DCL or SDC command, the instrument will return to the default condition. In order to send calibration values over the bus, the calibra- tion command C must be sent after the value command V is sent. The value command may keithleu on either of the following forms: The foOowing paragraphs describe the basic procedures for making voltage, resistance, 1196, and dB measurements.

196 System DMM Instruction Manual | Keithley

Disable zero and leave it disabled for the remainder of the DCV verification procedure. When the instru- ment responds to a function command, it will be ready to take a reading once the front end is set up.

When the Model completes the reading, it will tng- ger the Model to go to the next keithlwy. Note that valid M values are in the range of If the alternative line frequency setting is needed, press one keithldy the Range but- tons. By design, the dynamic measurement range of the Modelat 6V2-digit resolution, is counts. Calculate Q by using the foUowing formula: Thus, the dynamic measurement range of the Model is OV to 6.

Utilizing Figures andcheck the 3kfl through M12 ranges by applying the respective resistance levels listed in Table Although any number of con- nectors can be stacked on one instrument, it is recommend- ed that you stack no more than three connectors on any one unit to keithhley possible mechanical damage.