Junan undo and kokyuho are the foundation of all taijutsu and thus it is important to practice them every day.” – SokeMany teachers of martial. JUNAN TAISO creates force, flexibility and health, even in high age. During the exercises one should observe, if and how they are interacting. Junan Taiso is a form of yoga used in Ninjustu to develop flexibility and coordination of the whole body and individual body parts. It utilizes dynamic flexibil.

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When the movements are done without emphasis on breathing and relaxation they juan serve the purpose of physical conditioning. Push the abdomen forward while keeping thighs vertical while releasing the head and spine backward. If flexibility is an issue, push the pelvis forward. Slowly lift up the body and return to the starting position.

If flexibility is an issue, start at by trying to touch the toes, then over the toes, then move down the sides of the feet to the heels, eventually being able to touch hands behind the heels or even grabbing the wrist.

The back has a tendency to bow in the early stages, resist this by pushing forward on the pelvis as this straightens the back allowing the body to sink further. Trikonasana or Triangle Pose. By starting the day with a proper diet, and practicing a fixed routine of preparatory exercises to gain an ability to move as smooth and elastic as possible.


Sustain the whole body with two hands while forearms are vertical. Then swing like a seesaw, right and left, where the head is moved at the same time with the knees like a boat. It is a complete system of enhancing strength, energy, flexibility, agility, and balance by synchronizing the breath with a series of methodical stretching and range of motion exercises.

Palms should be facing down with fingers pointing to the toes. Being flexible, limber, and relaxed are key components in building good taijutsu.

Junan Taiso: The Yoga of Ninjutsu

Hold the ankle in one hand and the foot with the other; turn the ankle ten times both clockwise and counterclockwise. With this said, I would now like to offer some advice for your own stretching routine. Possible sciatic and other back issues that commonly develop as we grow older, and the body slows in its functions, can also be prevented or improved with such methods of stretching. Use a towel if flexibility is an issue.

Taijutsu is something that a ninja spontaneously learns to use, with all parts of the body.

When a muscle is initially stretched it will contract, so in order to increase your flexibility the muscle needs to be given time to grow accustomed to the stress. I finish with my torso and legs. August 20, at 6: Then deepen the stretch very gradually.

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tajso Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Rise up, take a wider stand and bend the upper body to backward with straight arms. You are commenting using your Facebook account. These can be found on other Japanese arts such as aikido, and are distantly related to Chinese qigong chi kung practice.

Repeat also with the toes of the other leg.

The point here is to arc away from the floor. Begin the engage the feet to help push the body off the floor while arching the back.

My Account Logout Wishlist. Relax the head and turn it to the right, left, and in complete circles.

Junan Taisō 柔軟体操 – Classical Martial Arts Research Academy

Clasp the hands together and rotate them in a figure eight in both directions ten times each. When the junah is relaxed, reactions times are quicker and more efficient. Benefiting from the mental and spiritual aspects requires strict attention to breath. Open the legs as far as possible with the toes curled back.

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