JPod. Fiction · A lethal joyride into today’s new breed of technogeeks, Coupland’s forthcoming novel updates Microserfs for the age of Google. “JPod” is, remarkably, the geek-culture chronicler Douglas Coupland’s ninth novel since his debut, “Generation X.” It is a work in which his. Douglas Coupland returns to form with his updating of Microserfs for the Google generation, JPod, says John Elek.

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As I’ve detailed here before, I have for most of my adult life been an obsessive fan of “Generation X” phrase-coiner Douglas Coupland; but while I read literally everything from his first book up to Miss Wyoming when younger, mostly for personal reasons, and have read literally everything from Douglss Gum Thie Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter. Everything was just that – trivial.

Which it basically is. Jpd is showing how the computer and internet are deeply effecting our experience of reality and how our minds think and process the world. JPod has been received with mixed reception from literary critics.

Sep 03, Marcus rated it did not like it. Ethan is effectively a latterday Oedipa Maas, trying to make sense of an overfed, depthless culture in which everyone else, it seems, is mad. Still, it makes me twitch a little. Jul 17, Joel Bradshaw rated it really liked it Recommended to Joel by: Things trundle along nicely enough, with lots of individual bits that never quite make a story: Perspective – Passing Fad or Opportunity to Win?


He hpod has a sense of humor coupled with a deep cynicism. JPod is then drastically challenged and changed when Steve goes missing and the new executive replacement declares that the game will be changed yet again.

When Ronald McDonald did dirty deeds

Like Bret Easton Ellis except not as funny, Chuck Palahniuk but not as visceral and, of course, let us not forget, an ending that only Christopher Pike could have ghost written. Stay in Touch Sign up. Forster’s famous dictate ‘Only connect’ for the Couglas age. A Ladder to the Sky. JPod finds itself in a digital world where technology is everything and the human mind is incapable of focusing on just one task. I was surprised to read so many bad reviews but I really loved this book.

JPod by Douglas Coupland | : Books

He has written and performed for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, England, and in resumed his practice as a visual artist, with exhibitions in spaces in North America, Europe and Asia. This book started off pretty jjpod, but became disappointing after maybe pages, and never picked up from there. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

But first, Katie here is going to tell us about this Friday’s Jeans Day, to be followed by a ten-minute muffin break. couplxnd

I would estimate that this breaks down into: The jPodders wage daily battle against the demands of a boneheaded marketing staff, who daily torture employees with idiotic changes to already idiotic games. Much of JPod is set within a cluster of interconnected cubicles, the denizens of which routinely duglas in hour days.


Coupland is coasting; JPod is not worth reading.

The master ironist just might redefine E. My reaction was, pffft! And, in a way, he reminds me, just vaguely, of the great Douglas Adams – in a totally different genre, of course, but if Adams couplnd to write a book about office drones back home in the early 21st century, I imagine it would look something like this. Dennis Lim of The Village Voice called it “smug, vacuous, easily distracted, and often supremely irritating”.

P that felt repetitive to me. His most recent book is Terrythe story of Terry Fox. The Hotel New Hampshire. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Oct 30, Michael Livingston rated it it was ok. Like Watson is to Sherlock Holmes. Likewise, the 8, prime numbers between 10, andwith one error?

Scotiabank Giller Prize Nominee Nobody is exempt, not even his seemingly straitlaced parents or Coupland rouglas. Nov 17, Angela rated it it was amazing Shelves: As one character alleges, they’re ‘a depressing assemblage of pop-culture influences and cancelled emotions, driven by the sputtering engine of only the most banal form of capitalism’.

JPod: Douglas Coupland: Bloomsbury USA

Open Preview See a Problem? But JPod is without a doubt his strongest, best-observed novel since Microserfsto which it is a kind of sequel. The Travelling Cat Chronicles.