Ever Popular book that pretty much started a genre. Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, The Morning of the Magicians (Stein and Day, ) Pauwels and Bergier don’t actually believe in everything. Review of The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier. October 19, Kit Leave a comment. I had mostly just thought to give The.

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Where is the World Going? You MUST read it!

The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels

The spiritual language is not the stammering that precedes scien- tific language, but rather the full consummation of the latter. Do secret societies exist and do they have an influence upon history? On the contrary; it may well be that the human mind has already understood the world, but doesn’t know that — yet.

The powers of science since Wells have extended beyond our planet, and threaten even its existence. Barred in every direction — in front and in the rear.

Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier Morning Of The Magicians

And while Parisian so-called avant-garde intellectuals are wondering whether Marx is not perhaps a back number, or whether existentialism is or is not a revolutionary form of humanism, the Sternfeld Institute in Moscow is examining the pos- sibility of settling human beings on the moon. Combined with a long section on alchemy, it’s very much like the Marvel Universe – where magicians, psychics, and mutants fight Nazi evildoers and dark powers. The Morning of the Magicians Cover of the first edition.

The Notion of an “Awakened State”: I became a follower of Gurdjieff. That is because we have a clear, almost scientific, practical and optimistic idea of what is meant by a “higher state. To have any hope, however small, was a betrayal.


Alleau introduced me to Bergier. In this context, the idea of an imminent mutation in human- ity is nearer reality than it is to some occult dream.

The Morning of the Magicians

As a sci-fi writer, that’s interesting. We are again struck by the fact that Rosicrucian tradition makes allusion to certain machines, which official science at that date had not been able to produce, such as perpetual lamps, instruments for record- ing sounds and images, etc.

For the hergier attentive observer the problems facing contemporary intelli- gence are no longer problems of progress. The authors’ primary aim was to arouse the curiosity of their readership, stating “Let us repeat that there will be a lot berbier silliness in our book, but this matters little if the book stirs up a few vocations and, to a certain degree, prepares broader tracks for research”.

Our best reader, the one we value the most, will have finished with us in two or three hours.

Their names have more than once been associated with the Rosicrucians. Brief reflections on the backwardness of sociology — Talking cross-purposes — Planetary versus provincial — Crusader in the modern world — The poetry of science 17 An Open Conspiracy I. Forever after he experienced a horror of war. The ancients, no doubt, were as wicked as we are, but they knew it. Jacolliot states categorically that the society of Nine did actually exist.

If there is a fourth dimen- sion, could this be the spirits’ world? In spite of erudite research carried out, notably by Professor Louis de Broglie, the mystery of the spin has only been partially explained.

Examine the bait by all means, test it with your hand, then dis- creetly disengage.

I was certainly far from believing that our shattered world was worthy of respect and that it was my duty to penetrate it with love. Perhaps he would feel at home here, but placed as it were, on a different level. A veritable manifestation of the marvelous from the crow’s point ofview: But he did not dare. Aug 17, Peter Mcloughlin rated it really liked it Shelves: Plus, when not talking about Nazi mysticism, Pauwels repeats himself ad nauseum.


Los trenes, las industrias, la electricidad y los cigarrillos: Views Read Edit View history. And radio waves and gamma rays are both forms of light, so, yeah, you can compare them.

Books are my family’s anti-drug. Therefore the poster ofcouched in mod- ern terms, might well appear on the walls of Paris today, or in a newspaper, if there was to be a congress of scientists to warn men of the dangers to which they are exposed, and the necessity of adopting a new approach to all their social and moral activities. As for the first automobiles, the submarine, the dirigible balloon, and electric light “one of that fellow Edison’s swindles”the learned soci- eties were not interested.

Our literature, our philosophical discussions, our ideological conflicts, our atti- tude toward reality — all this is still slumbering behind the doors that have been burst open. Then let’s build one. At their present farthest limits physics, biology, mathematics touch on certain traditional concepts: By virtue of the spread of communal living and the slow creation of a universal psyche, it is progressing toward a state of super- consciousness.