Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, The Morning of the Magicians (Stein and .. enthusiastic study by Louis Powels and Jacques Bergier, which created an. English] The morning of the magicians: secret societies, conspiracies, and vanished civilizations / Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier ; translated from the. Ever Popular book that pretty much started a genre.

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They detest astrology, for instance, but pretty much the rest of the field of esoteric thought is their playground, along with the exciting world of sub-atomic physics and an impr Years ago, in a conversation with someone heavily into New Age thought, the conversation ranged paueels crystals, enlightenment, Bigfoot, aliens.

Certain statements by Einstein, charged with emotion; a speech by Oppenheimer, a leading article in the bulletin of the American atomic scientists have exactly the same undertones as this Rosicrucian manifesto. Advanced studies in jacqued seem to have proved the existence of a state of hyperconsciousness different from sleep and wakefulness, in which a man’s intellectual faculties may be increased tenfold.

When he talked it was as if it might have been Teilhard de Chardin whom we hadn’t even heard of in those days: When we say “prejudice” we are really saying “superstition.

Now, having read so much of this stuff, I’d be more likely to recognize the sources and, beggier, be less impressed. But a kind of lassitude set in, and after a number of solemn and useless protests, people turned their attention to other things. Vemos una mano, la llamamos ciencia: The world is not absurd, and the mind is surely not incapable of understanding it. Asoka founded the most powerful secret society on earth: Once again, it’s a question of saving the Holy Sepulcher — spirit weighed down by matter — and repulsing the Infidel — everything that is unfaithful to the infinite might of the spirit.

Full text of “Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier Morning Of The Magicians”

We are living with ideas of morality, sociology, philosophy, and psychology that belong to the nine- teenth century. I think I would be a happier man if I had worker’s hands — hands capable of making useful things, of plunging into the depths of nature to tap sources of goodness and peace.


About eighty percent of it is altogether stupid. Who will teach us to “place” our attention? Hitler as a medium for dark, subterranean powers, Himmler as a high priest, Nazism as an alien society focused on global war and mass murder as part of a magic ritual to create the ubermensch is one of the best horror magiciane written. In the cybernetics journal Computers and Automation of October the following comment appeared: Jun 19, Jeff Johnston rated it it was ok.

The Morning of the Magicians – Wikipedia

We simply could not understand anything meaningful they had to say. I had mostly just thought to give The Morning of the Magicians a one-star rating and move on. It has a definite weight and produces a ray oflight when it strikes a television screen and a shock when it hits a microphone. It is, perhaps, truer to say that the Rosicrucian legend lends support to a reality: Se ve un rostro: Picked it up maagicians 10 cents, it was worth it.

So conceived they were no longer expressions of a choice that is to say, of a rupturebut of a becoming, an overtaking, of a renewing, so to speak, of existence.

The out-of-date modern is a rationalist. Now, for one whose intellectual muscles are in good condition it louos no more difficult to attain to the attitude that has inspired nuclear physics than to appreciate Marxist economics or Thomism, no more difficult to grasp the theory of cybernetics than to analyze the causes of the Chinese revolution or the nature ofMallarme’s poetics.

Review of The Morning of the Magicians by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier

Although the crow was, so to speak, a neighbor of his it took good care to avoid all contact with humanity, keeping to the treetops and hhe upper air, keeping to its world.

Such a question is meaningless. Apart from the esoteric traditions of the West and East, the authors invoke Fort, Lovecraft, Machen, Meyrink, Bradbury, Van Vogt, Ewers, and other writers in their exploration of far-out notions of dimensional hijinks and the resultant mental state of mankind. One can forget when one sees the fripperies of new agers that they were an attempt to grapple with some dark stuff of the recent past.


It morninng the inheritance from my Flemish ancestors, sensualists, artists, lay- abouts, and proud, that separated me from a generous, dynamic way of thinking, forcing me into myself and into a misapprehension of the vir- tue of participation.

Just as intriguing on my second reading. Norbert Wiener, the cybernetician, reprimands the politicians: Oppenheimer got into trouble with his government.

Published October 1st by Souvenir Press first published January 10th And yet, fantastic as this may seem, the nineteenth century proved officially that there was no such thing as hypnotism. The first really fruitful idea is that there has been a change in what our civilization is aiming at. He, too, believes that the impression of being in contact with another world is not always the result of a too-fertile imagination.

The Morning of the Magicians

If equations like these could be verified, human thinking would be revolutionized. Obliged as they are to observe some degree of clandestinity, these men can establish satisfac- tory contacts only with their equals.

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Trivia About The Morning of th Ever after, when it saw Eiseley making his normal way along the ground it would give little cries of distress, of regret for a Universe that could never be the same again. He must take precautions, for toxic gases are released: There is reason to louia, moreover, that in other civilizations science, though not inexistent, was kept secret.

We do not turn to Berthelot or Taine for enlightenment on the future of mankind, but rather to men like Teilhard de Chardin.