Traditional Asian table game Carrom – comprehensive instructions for friendly play in the rules even though an international regulatory body and several major Masters Games has based the following rules on those from the UK Carrom. Main article: International Carrom Federation. The ICF promulgates International Rules of Carrom (also. Laws of Carrom. Laws of Carrom Copyright. © International Carrom Federation. Return to top. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme.

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The Transogram Company made a version of Haskell’s rulrs board in the s and called intrenational Skooker. Otherwise it shall pass on to. Various parts of the maze include difficult-to-navigate corners and traps in the form of visually distinguished areas in which the player’s carrom piece must not be caught when coming to rest or suffer a penalty of extra strokes or forced relocation of the player’s carrom to an earlier position.

On traditional carrom boards, the corner pockets are only slightly larger than the carrom men, but smaller than the striker.

Within this circle a portion of 2. Newer Post Older Post Home. The edge shall be round.


If it so happens, the same shall be replaced by the Umpire in the original position, as far as possible. If the Queen resting perilously at the mouth of the pocket and actually falls into the pocket for any reason, it shall be considered to have been duly pocketed. Table or Stand E. Carrom men are designed to slide when struck and are made with a smooth surface that slides easily when laid flat on the board.


However, players can change their positions without moving the seat. Retrieved May 24, The diameter of a Carromman shall not be more than 3.

Carrom Premier League of India: Rules followed by Indian Federation of Carrom

carroom A relatively rare type among Western carrom boards has on the reverse a variant referred to colloquially as a “carrom maze”, for an entirely different game. If unfinished, then the player with maximum points by the end of the last board will be declared as the winner. The placing of the Queen by the Umpire, in such a situation, shall be final. A Foul shall be declared as per the Laws. If the score of the opponent is 22 or more, he.

Carrom Quick Guide

Boric acid powder is the most commonly used for this purpose. Each player is allowed to pocket carrom men of any colour. The Carrommen pieces used in play shall be of good quality wood and. If the winner decides to have the choice of side, he shall communicate the same to the umpire, who shall instruct the loser to sit first. If not noticed by the Umpire or by the.


Board by one point, if the Queen has been covered by him. Retrieved 21 September Suitable bracings shall be provided underneath the playing surface and. One additional point for the pocketed striker shall be awarded, if demanded by the opponent.

It is a kind of foul. In these Laws, unless rkles is anything repugnant to the subject or context, the terms given below shall have the following interpretations:. There are smaller boards and boards with larger pockets. A Striker, with metal fixed and visible to the eyes, shall not be allowed.

Carrom – Quick Guide

Carrom originated in India, and the neighboring countries easily accessed fules learned the game. A Foul shall be declared against the offending player as per Laws. These shall be drawn so as to touch both the base lines and also the upper base lines of the adjacent side when imaginably extended. The above condition will prevail till the break is effected. However, the height of.