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I will finally get to see Steve live in Sacramento CA next month.

Ibanez JEMINI Distortion Manuals

The drive control isn’t particularly interactive either as it seems to go from minimal drive and output to a slightly more satisfying grainy, heavy overdrive. It’s a harsher sound than channel one and with drive on full it has a more cutting rasp to the top-end. Save reduces the current to 23mA for darker stages, and saves battery power in so doing.

To remedy the lack of cut and high-end, the tone control now steps in: Cons Slight lack of character on the overdrive channel.

For example, bright consumes 49mA current, which basically makes the circular LEDs very bright for, well, bright gigging conditions. Can change em on the fly in seconds.

Only pages in English are the cover and pages 3 and 4. Green Channel — Drive: This is the right-hand pedal with the volume and tone at 12 o’ clock and the drive at 3 o’ clock:. The card that came with it noted his main settings as being this: I tried online, there was a PDF in multiple languages requiring a weird download which carried a virus. Shrouded in mystery, the highly anticipated, limited-run Jemini Distortion pedal has arrived.

  ELTA 7538 PDF

The Jemini has two very similarly voiced channels: I finally got around to buying the Jemini distortion pedal. Image 1 of 2 Each channel has drive, tone and level controls. I ibabez bought a couple TC Electronic pedals.

With multicoloured swirls on jdmini diecast zinc casing you are unlikely to trip over it onstage. It’s not for storing sounds or adding sparkle to the tone though – it controls the intensity of lights! My manual is in multiple languages as well. Channel two is a more face-melting and hair-raising affair. Discuss Steve’s studios, your studios and gear set-ups, amps and effects here. This pedal is almost exclusively designed for Vai’s fans, guys who have the guitars, the amps and other ephemera associated with the man in question, or at the very least those who are beginning to get into the Vai sound.

Dave Weiners tone prints for each of those are way cool. Anyone out there know where I might find one? All of these tones point to one man: Got to love technology these days.


Its limited run appeal should not cloud its potential as it’s a very cool looking and sounding dual-channel distortion pedal that, while it takes up a fair bit of real estate on your board, may save on the cabling nonsense between two single stompers of the same creed. A twin-stomper that’s had Jem forum-junkies clamouring for details ever since it was spotted at ‘s NAMM showone glance at the finish and signature reveals it to be the first Ibanez Steve Vai signature stompbox.

Image 2 of 2 The swirling colours can mean only one thing: Somewhat surprisingly, this seems to be great for a no-frills grunge sound where a super defined drive tone is not the order of the day; just a big muddy note-texturing overdrive that works for thrashing out barre chords.


Pros That outlandish finish. This channel, as with the first, finds its home or ‘sweet spot’ with plenty of gain from the drive control and with the tone pushed for optimum presence and attack – this is where fans of Vai’s signature lead tone will have the most kemini. Here are a series of sound clips that show how the pedal pushes an amp that’s set on the edge of break-up.

Yet again with the tone rolled off the pedal gets dark very quickly, although with that the low end gets softer and more spongy in response. This is not for discussing guitars Steve’s or otherwise. The finish is designed along the same visual lines as Vai’s signature UV Jem guitars.

Tried Ibanez ibajez ago, and got jeminii reply.

Each channel has a trio of identical controls in the shape of independent drive, tone and level pots. It’s been rumoured that Ibanez designed the Jemini to replace two of Vai’s favourite pedals: Check em out if you happen to have those pedals too.

Ibanez Jemini Distortion review | MusicRadar

Me my two sons and some friends have secured tickets to the St. Jemini Distortion Manual The name says it all!

Came without a manual. However, with the drive control maxed out it’s not as defined as you might expect.