Buy Samsung HT-ZT Channel Home Theater System featuring p Exceptional Performance: It has playback specifications that meet the standards. View and Download Samsung HT-Z user manual online. Digital Home Theater System. HT-Z Home Theater System pdf manual download. Samsung HT-Z – home theater system – channel overview and full product specs on CNET.

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Select “Samsung Home Theater” from the searched list. Repeatedly plays the entire disc. Select this to set the desired image as your wallpaper. You will get sharper digital pictures when using an HDMI connection. Tune in to the desired station. To receive a more complete service, please register your product at www. Insert the SCREW into the hole on the rear of the speaker using a screwdriver as brohcure in the illustration.

DivX Playback Capabilities DivX is video compression software, which enables high quality video to be compressed into very small files then downloaded onto CD-R or CD-RW and played back with very little loss of quality.

This forum is staffed by Samsung employees, but as we have seen in the past, often the most helpful answers come from CNET forum members themselves so please don’t consider this just a Q and A with Samsung.

BASS button Provides more powerful bass. Press the Cursor S,T button or numeric buttons to select the desired audio language. Overall Block Diagram If there is a blank segment in the Multisession disc, the disc can be played only up to the blank h. If you place a speaker near your TV set, screen color may be distorted because of the magnetic fi eld generated by the speaker. Contact Us for Support.


Goes to the next fi le whenever you press the ] button, if there are 2 fi les or more on the disc. Front Pcb Top After the firmware update has been completed: Table of contents Table Of Contents This product will automatically switch to the Power Saving mode after 20 minutes in the Screen Saver mode. The picture moves forward one frame each time the button is pressed during playback. Setting The Delay Time Select this when using the speakers.

Repeatedly plays the selected title. Both video and audio signals are transmitted over the HDMI connection z10, and audio is output through your TV speakers only. Is the speaker setup correctly customized?

Make sure that the speaker is installed on a flat and stable area. The result is a spectacularly clear image with no motion artifacts stair-stepping grochure, and details so sharp they seem as if they’re etched onto the screen.

There is no option for me to edit or update the output settings. If the Disc has more than One Subtitle File If the disc has more than one subtitle fi le, the default subtitle may not match the movie and you will have to select your subtitle language as follows: Each time the button is pressed, the preset time changes as follows: Do not stack anything on top of the player.


Samsung HT-Z210 User Manual

The specifi z120 segment will be played repeatedly. If the cooling fan or ventilation holes are covered with a newspaper or cloth, heat may build up inside the unit and fi re may result. You can use this function to enjoy Dolby Digital sound when watching movies at low volume at night. Use the correct type of batteries.

Samsung HT-Z EN User Manual | 2 pages | Also for: HT-ZT-XAA

Always replace both batteries at the same time. Also, some operations may not be possible depending on your brand of TV. Where a particular DVD type is mentioned, it is indicated separately.

You can listen to audio through the TV. Reviews 0 Write a review vyqyuxbatqzvfbfzudwvxredfaaydbbyry.

Samsung HT-Z210T

Turn the stand clockwise to lock it. Press to select SD or HD mode. Press the MUTE button. There is brochuge search result. I’ll see if I can get that posted. Vrochure players and the discs are coded by region. Repeatedly plays the selected group. Page 75 Code No. Digital Cameras that use PTP protocol or require additional program installation when connected to a PC are not supported. A track that has already been played may be played again.