Hercolubus Or Red Planet has ratings and 56 reviews. Jen said: My favorite work-acquired book. Crazy, crazy ramblings. The best bits are about the Ve. I read Hercólubus or Red Planet by V.M. Rabolú because I was curious to see if the author was riding the coattails of the Mayan/Nibiru cataclysm prophecy. Hercolubus or Red Planet [V. M. Rabolu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An important message and the need to warm humanity of the.

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The impending doom is the punishment we deserve to end so much evilnesswe can do nothing about it, and there is no time to waste in illusory things.

After reading his review, I couldn’t resist. They are controlled by switches.

While some of the wackiness can be attributed to questionable translations, the bulk comes from good ol’ made up crazy. And do you also want that book to be delivered at your doorstep and cost you nothing,no matter where you live?

Hercólubus – RationalWiki

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. What will you doing, if there are no problems to solve? I would just like to know what made this guy so special to think that people will believe that he did any of this without the aid of being asleep.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The consequence of the v Hercolubus, a planet so called by the sages of antiquity, is approaching our Solar System and is the cause of great concern for those who know about such cosmic phenomena. And of course those damn scientists ignore the truth. Mar 04, Rachelle rated it it was amazing.


I tried one of them and I must say, the sensation when you leave the body for th It was an intriguing book, considering the fact that I read it many times and before the phenomena. I received it as a gift from the publisher. I’m grateful I did not pay for this book. There are no monsters like those you can see here.

Nowadays, the statements contained in his work are recognized by a great number of readers who have benefited from his teachings in more than 80 countries. They are made from a material which does not exist here and which is resistant to bullets and to everything.


Even he felt si I was amazing. View all 4 plannet. What came true is a discovery …more The author talks about a planet that he calls Hercolubus approaching the Earth, that will cause lots of catastrophies.

The last great testimony was plsnet of V. It took me a while planef decide whether to rate this book one or five stars.

He describes that the fire within the Earth has already started to make contact with the water and cyclones have started to appear. Loved the description of extraterrestrial life and its equal some other contacted people have done.

In chapter 1 and 2, it is more on religious believes Herkolubus or Red Planet Paperback: Then tells the reader that he has “gone to Venus and Mars” and to describe how those beings, which he calls herdolubus for some r I don’t know where to start with this garbage. He tells the reader that through mantras and sleep the “astral plant can be achieved and we can go wherever we want and learn everything we would ever want to know.

Debunkatron: Reviews: Hercólubus (Red Planet) by V.M. Rabolú

I don’t care what you’re view is, I won’t get in your way. ATD song “If you don’t let your Holy molly! Rabolu keeps on critizing the scientists because he believes that scientists are making fools of the Humanity and not highlighting the things that needs to be highlighted. My favorite work-acquired book. But like many people who “know a better way” they leave out much of the things that can be argued against them, and I’m sure if he was ever interviewed this guy didn’t give a straight answer to the real holes in his book.

Made me laugh at least. And there’s a mantra that should be used to exit conscientiously, as leaving abruptly would upset such supposedly wise beings. Its most recent promoter is the Colombian New Age author V.

External links Twitter Facebook Discord. They wear a wide belt full of red, blue, and yellow buttons all around, which flash like a lighthouse.


The author has kept the content so concise that even an impatient reader can complete in a short period. He uses just a couple of pages to talk about Hercowhatever, its effects, and to insult scientists, and changes subject to this. Oh but wait, the author soon changes his mind, as they’re fed the same because they’re heavier and dress in soldier uniforms.

Well, yes I believe in the day of judgment and Resurrection but at the same time it seemed delusional however nice read because it is written from heart! And our small bad acts are roots. So what’s your purpose of life herclubus I somehow forgot about ordering this gem, and about 3 months later, I recieved my copy of this book book is a little generous, fat pamphlet rdd more accurate.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

He said people’s ego like tree. Someone would have to already have a great deal of mistrust of scientists, hercolugus still enjoy technological understanding and a desire to be called a scientist to really get the most out of this book. Jul 23, Nabil Hmidouch rated it did not like it.

And as cracks develop tidal waves and frightening occurences will take place in the sea and on the herrcolubus. Oh those meddling scientists.

What came true is a discovery of Nibiru or Planet X that is said to be approaching the Earth Chapter 2 is about how the atomic bomb tests in the Pacific ocean have opened cracks to the inner fire of the Earth. The author starts out with telling the reader about a “sun sized planet” making it’s way toward earth. I am able to handle quite a bit of weirdness and to entertain other ways of thinking about hercolubua world, but there just wasn’t enough evidence here, and I guess I am supposed to find the evidence on my own using the two mantras provided at the end.

The latter may be too much to swallow even for the most gullible among their followers.