Haircut has ratings and 21 reviews. Lemar said: If you’ve ever stuck up a conversation in a small town diner with a seemingly innocuous local telling. Haircut. Ring Lardner (–) From Ring Lardner: Stories & Other Jonathan Yardley, in his authoritative biography of Ring Lardner. Ring Lardner’s short story “Haircut” is rich in the rhetorical device that I would call thematic nomenclature. The author uses proper names to reflect im-.

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But he said he was expectin’ an important long distance call and wouldn’t she please forget her manners for once and come to his office.

Ken Beatty, that was his name.

It was tough on Julie as the young people round this town–well, she’s too good for them. He laughed at first and said he didn’t want it, but they made him take it.

Notably, Doc tells Paul byy someone who would pull such a prank “ought not to be let live”. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. When Hod Meyers, who has never really been Jim’s friend, although both Jim and the barber think so, refuses to go with Kendall on a hunt for ducks, Kendall turns to young Paul as his only chance for company.

Haircut hairrcut about a barber telling a story about a man named Jim. So she, or the voice, it said that was all right, so I got Frank Abbott to drive me out to the place and when I got there, who should open the door but old John himself!

Haircut by Ring Lardner

Well, Jim’s habits and his jokes didn’t appeal to Julie and of course he was a married man, so he didn’t have no more chance than, well, than a rabbit. I will let you know when I hear from them.

But this awful conspiracy of circumstances is lost on the barber. Dec 31, Sevgi rated it liked it Shelves: Stair’s, he calls Julie when he knows the doctor is out of town. While Lardner’s fiction continued to remain humorous on the surface, it moved toward irony that exposed man’s folly and inhumanity in a small-town society of his own making. Thus young Paul is infatuated with Julie Gregg, who lives with her invalid mother and who is at once attracted to the new Dr.


As I say, she’d of divorced Haitcut, only she seen that she couldn’t support herself and the kids and she was always hopin’ that some day Jim would cut out his habits and give her more than two or three dollars a week.

She was all excited and told him to come to the house. One haircyt the most troublesome problems I face in trying to come up with meaningful suggestions about reading short stories is the ques Return to Book Page.

Well, he’s got an Adam’s apple that looks more like a mush-melon.

Haircut (short story)

They was no use leavin’ it there or callin’ a jury, as it was a plain case of accidental shootin’. Jim was comical, and Hod was pretty near a match for him. While the barber is talking about a person, he will jump to another person in his story right before he finishes talking about the last person. So they had to choose another man to be coroner in his place and they picked Doc Stair. It’s a cinch Doc went up in the air and swore he’d make Jim suffer.

Some writers are referred to as “a writer’s writer,” a designation that suggests they are mainly appreciated by other write And Paul took in as much of it as he could understand and he run to Doc with the story.

Haircut by Ring Lardner, |

But it was a kind of a delicate thing, because if it got out that he had beat Jim up, Julie was bound to hear of it and then she’d know that Doc knew and of course knowin’ that he knew would make it rinh for her than ever. I been fired from my job.


Still I didn’t see how I could say no. So she’d heard they was a new doc in town and decided to give him a try. He was, when he worked, a travelling salesman for a canning factory whose hobby was to note the names and addresses as he rode the train through other small towns; he would then write postcards to these strangers, signed “A Friend,” with riny like “Ask your Missus who kept her from gettin’ lonesome the last time you were in Carterville” or “Ask your wife about that book agent that spent the afternoon last week,” relishing such mean tricks without bothering to know the outcome of them.

The lake where Jim bg Paul had went shootin’ is on John’s place. Well, tulle come up to Doc’s door and rung the bell and they was nothin’ coin’. But it was kind of a delicate thing, because if it got out that he had beat Jim up, Julie was bound to hear it and then she’d know the Doc knew and of course knowin’ that he knew would make it worse for her than ever. Jul 14, Lemar rated it it was amazing Shelves: The barber wants to tell of Jim Kendall, who has recently died, “We ain’t no New York or Chicago, but we have pretty good times.

Reading Alice Munro’s “Floating Bridge”. If you’ve ever stuck up a conversation in a small town diner with a seemingly innocuous local telling a meandering story, this story provides the end I’ve been waiting for.