The book that most captured my attention was The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, which was published in I purchased. Two remarkable teachers came into Gary Renard’s life in , he chose to listen to them carefully. (And ask a lot of questions.) The result is. The Disappearance of the Universe: Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, In this tradepaper edition of the standalone companion to Gary Renard’s.

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Just be yourself and let the Holy Spirit work with people.

As a musician, I had known quite a few people who engaged in an unusually large amount of sexual behavior and were still miserable. Arten and Pursah Appear 2. In the early s Gary Renard underwent a powerful spiritual awakening when he began to be instructed by two ascended masters named Pursah and Arten, who eventually identified their previous incarnations as including those of Saint Thomas and Saint Thaddaeus. So if we are all dream figures, then why not believe in dream figures who claim to have been friends of Jesus?

The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary R. Renard

This was a dilemma for which I saw no easy answer. There are many passages included from the Course, which are definitely worth remembering, but I also find Pursah’s and Arten’s wisdom and their take on the Course to be at times quite profound. All this leads -at least, for me- to paralisis, even nihilism. They seemed to be pushing people too fast in “going straight to heaven now” instead of “following at your own speed and enjoying the ride”.

W It merely puts you in a position where you can claim your garg inheritance, which is far greater than any bodily feeling you can conjure up.

I wrote to the friend I was suing and informed him that I was dropping my legal action in order renadr start removing conflict from my life. From a career criminal to seeker of the Truth by Joe Wolfe. I’d been reading ACIM for a while, very slowly. And regardless of what conclusions we draw in the end or what we decide to accept, the fact that we question will always bring up closer to our truth. It also seems said master is clueless about the history of Ireland and Africa.


Gary’s grounded irreverence mirrored my own and spirit’s understanding of that very human response made this book an astounding read. While living in a rural area of Maine I was witness to a series of in-the-flesh appearances by two ascended masters named Pursah and Arten, who eventually identified their previous incarnations as including those of Saint Thomas and Saint Thaddaeus.

You believe in what you make.

For I am still as God created me. I guess my biggest problem with it was it’s description of heaven. There were some short passages disappearancf in the book that were much more gentle and caring, and I preferred them much more. You will no longer identify yourself with a vulnerable body or anything else that can be limited, and a body is anything that has borders or limits.

I am not a body. So, what do you say?

Book Overview of The Disappearance of the Universe Archives | The Unobstructed Universe

Better Than Sex Each message begins with a quote, taken from the content of that particular instruction, to help focus the mind before reading.

I love the philosophy of Buddhism, but the Disappearance of the Universe, I feel, is NOTHING like the beauty of Buddhism, neither is A Course In Miracles The book the ascended masters always refer toit’s just another scam intended to make the author rich by inserting his own viewpoints on religion, faith, philosophy, and the way of the world.

It doesn’t work equally well for other people including me. The key was an awareness — even if that awareness was temporarily forgotten in the heat of the moment — that their partner was not really a body but Christ. Opens new ideas worth considering. You can get much more info about this amazing book a nd Rogier’s blog: Gary says ” Barret Hedeen gives us an inspirational, soul baring treatise into the difference between two different motivations; that of the ego, which is to convince us that we have somehow separated ourselves from our Source, Which is God, and the Holy Spirit, Whose motivation is to teach us that there is no such thing as separation!


For thirteen years I had been on a spiritual search during which I had learned a great deal without really taking the time to apply my lessons, but now a new certainty swept over me.

The Disappearance of the Universe

An interesting approach to the predicament of our reality. The world is a Dream and Forgiveness is the key to Awakening and Salvation.

With such a clean and powerful synopsis of the Course, the book can only be called a masterpiece, and its straightforward language makes it accessible to every Course student. Hello, my dear brother. Both are necessary to understand and apply the Course; neither is complete without the other. If that is the case than I think I will just keep on being tricked, because I would prefer this to the reality described in this book. After the lecture, people in the audience were given the opportunity to ask questions.

An ascended master is everywhere. The Disappearance of the Universe — Book Overview. So I’m reading them all. Arten will show up with me again next visit. However, Disappearance was a grounded, visceral exploration of the whys and hows of a spiritual journey through life. For example, the Course says very early on. Near Life Experiences