Dan juga untuk mencegah terbentuknya garam FeSO4 pada suhu rendah. 3. Reaksi antara NH4OH + H2SO4 bagaimana reaksinya? Keadaan reaksinya?. EXPERIMENT 2 Synthesis of Mohr Salt 14 April A. Objective Study the Mohr salt from the reaction between the iron with sulfuric acid and.

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Then a solution of iron II should be slightly acidic when you want to keep for a long time.

Sintesis Garam Mohr

The ammonium ions make solutions of Mohr’s salt slightly acidic, morh slows this oxidation process. Mohr salt is made by reacting the iron with sulfuric acid solution and ammonia solution. It is a common laboratory reagent because it is readily crystallized, and crystals resist oxidation by air.

The purpose of the use of iron powder is to accelerate the reaction, because the reaction rate is proportional with the surface of a substance.

It is used in the Fricke’s dosemeter to measure high doses of gamma rays. Crystal structure which is formed of a liquid, depends on the its fluid chemistry, when the solidification conditions and ambient pressure. Graam at C.

Filtering the solution in hot condition. Laporan Praktikum Penentuan Ca dan Petunjuk Praktikum Kimia Anorganik. Bluish green toscacrsytal8.


Contaminants have played an important role in the strength of the iron structure.

Ammonium iron(II) sulfate – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In analytical chemistrythis salt is the preferred source of ferrous ions as the solid has a long shelf life, being resistant to oxidation. Garam Mohr Risma 1B. Then the solution is evaporated until the volume is reduced about a half of its volume before heating. After all part of iron powder are dissolved, then filter the solution and evaporate the filtrate in a porcelain cup, until forming a light green solution and there are crystal ,ohr its surface.

In ideal conditions, the result can be a single crystal, which all atoms in solids “attached” to the grid or the same crystal structure, but in general, most of the crystals are formed simultaneously resulting polycrystalline solids. This is done to prevent gsram solution at a low temperature and to accelerate the reaction.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Iron can also be magneted. There is rarely a purely commercial iron, iron usually contain small amounts of carbides, mohd, phosphides, and sulfides of iron, and a little graphite. Reaction occured in the experimen: Tri Wulandari, Such as copper and zinc, iron in nature are as sulfide Fe2S.


Then the solution is cooled in the refrigerator for 3 days in order to form Mohr salt crystals.

Ammonium iron(II) sulfate

Sintesis Garam Mohr Download Report. The purpose of this evaporating process the evaporate of ammoni solution which may not react with sulfuric acid solution.

Thus obtained Mohr salt crystals with monoclinicic shape and has bluish-green color due to contained Fe with NH4 2SO4 which form complex compounds. Color and structure of NH3: Purity levels of Mohr salt: Garam Mohr Full Documents.

Sintesis Garam Mohr

Mohr’s salt is named after mour German chemist Karl Friedrich Mohrwho made many important advances in the methodology of titration in the 19th century.

Ammonia solution is as a ligand that has an orbital containing the unpaired electron to its interaction with the metal, classic form coordination complexes with metals.

Mohr salt was prepared by mixing both sulfate salts of iron II and ammonium, wherein each salt is dissolved to saturation and the iron II added a little sour.