Imam Hussain A.S ki Dua e Arfah say iqtaybaas (not complete). Shia and Sunni Unity Tamanna e Wahdat تمنّاءِ وحدت shared Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s post. January 3, ·. Dua e wahdat. Views. 6 Likes1 Comment2 Shares · Share . English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsch. Dua-e-Wahdat. Here’s another short poem I wrote today. Hamaare faaslon ki misaal zameen-o-aasmaan kyon ho? Dilon ke darmiyan mulk.

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Wahdat Ul Wajood (unity Of Being) – Shia/Sunni Dialogue –

There are no “tariqas” or any other such things. Another issue that is probably the worst when it comes to Sufis is Tawheed. In the other thread he has supported Ibn Al Arabi so im sure that he supports wahdat ul wajood. We aim to promote education and understanding while building a historic archive relating to contemporary Islamic thought. To me it’s a doctrine taught by the Quran, as it talks about honor being God’s, and talks about the Al-Hayu in a way da suggests all things belong to him in relationship to him, and it talks about all praise and greatness being his.

We have gathered so that we may remember our Lord and ponder over His greatness. All creations have their own divinty present in them which is a part of the greater divinity, we cannot know the greater divinity we can only know the part present in us.

Im interested in reading some pro-wahdat ul wajood literature as i want to know that for what specific philosophical interpretations have they sanctioned it.

To say Allah is present in all things and to say he is separate from all things, both are true. I want to understand the shia perspective of Wahdat ul wajood.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Just because you don’t like something does not mean that it doesn’t exist. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. The spoken words and poetry propagated the message of harmony, hope, spirituality, unity and cooperation in an intellectual and creative way.


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It is interesting that Wahhabis and those who support Wahdat al-wujud and related approaches both have a radical conception of tawhid. This entry was posted on Sunday, October 24th, at 9: The name Al-Hayu is proof and it’s name that is fitra to believe, that Allah is Ultimate life such that there cannot be more life then of.

Though all Sufis are dissentient to us and their way is contrary to ours. Dilon ke darmiyan mulk unke darmiyan sarhadein kyon ho? You are commenting using your Twitter account. It has also been reported that Al-Hussain bin Abul Khattab said: Imam Al Sadiq as refutes this kufr doctrine:.

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Not yet rated IslamiMarkaz. Haider Ali Jaffri – Urdu. There very certainly are Shi’i tariqas such as the Nimatullahis and Dhahabis who are Ithna Ashari as well as other tariqas such as the Bektashi’s who are Shi’a, but dka Ithna Ashari. Rather, Being is expressed as a flower. Not yet rated adilakif. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This site uses cookies. Not yet rated SpiritofIslam. That is why all life must be his and be deriving existence from him. Moulana Arif Shah Kazmi How do i compare religious philosophies with the so-called “orthodox” beliefs.

Is there any fatwa regarding tasawuf as a whole? Wwhdat sorry if this note is mostly references, but I feel that the Imams as and the Maraji’ ra know more about this issues and have more convincing arguments than I can every have. The duality exists on the surface but upon reflection you can see that we and our whole universe exists in a reality greater and more far reaching than our own.


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This universe may be derived from wahdar exist in a multiverse and that multiverse may be derived from and exist in another multiverse, but the very fact that there are laws that can be considered constant and truths that can be considered fundamental which shows us there is a transcendent aspect which is immanent everywhere. Ebn Arabi exagerrated to the extent he went into Tashbih in my opinion.

And from them from ibn Khalid wahfat Muhammad b. And God knows best. Imam Ahmad Sirhindi q was afraid that the idea of Oneness of Being may lead human beings into the trap of identifying themselves with God. I have really not read into the wahdat us shahood in detail or Shah Waliullah’s merging of the theories. Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth.

Some of these are:.

He, who acknowledges our rights, does not disobey us. Home Videos Channels Members. Here watch these interesting videos, just ignore the christian themes that the creator of the video threw in at the beginning and end.

Email Address never made public. Not yet rated IslamicESources.

God is Ultimate Greatness, there can;t be more greatness then Allah, so all greatness is wahda. Creation is thus an act of the creator contemplating itself Edited September 30, by JimJam. You are commenting using your WordPress. However, Sufi shuyukh also believe that these philosophies are not meant for lay-people, and that there is in fact a great danger that lay-people will not understand its ramifications.

Creation is thus an act of dau creator contemplating itself. Not yet rated SaharTV.

Yaad e Shohada Kyun? There are no “Shi’a” sufis – people just call them that.