DS chip is commonly used as DS RTC module which comes with a 32 kHz crystal and on-board battery backup all in a small SIP. DS Real Time Clock Module with Battery Backup uses the DS chip. DS chip uses a simple serial interface. Example code available for Arduino, . Introduction. DS is a trickle charging clock chip, launched by DALLAS in America. With a built-in real-time clock/calendar and a byte.

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I haven’t got going on 3v3 Arduinos yet. A single line was changed in DS MostezSep 27, He also gives the chip’s pinout.

Arduino Playground – DS

Win 10, Arduino IDE 1. If the time were No, create an account now. To USE it, you don’t need to know a lot, once you have your clock “set”. I think you can spare 5k to have the date and time available so easily, don’t you?

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It has some material which will help users of any microcontroller interface to the RTC, but all of the example code is for Arduino.


The battery for standby powering should be between 2 and 5. Do, ryc, get in touch if there were bits I should have included, drawn more attention to, etc. But Krodal And the Dallas datasheet says you can power the chip with 5v or 3v3, for those of you who are on a 3v3 Arduino. The module has a lithium battery that will keep the TIME even if power is turned off.

Cheap modules with the DS and DS have often problems with the crystal and the voltage. I was noted d1s302 the code could be improved.

It has a Leap-Year compensation from up to for a value of My site at Arunet. They have their own search buttons.

Krodal has written an excellent page about using the DS Hans- Joachim KraheOct 20, Much of what you read here came from there. It won’t “work” again until you have done the “set time and date” process. ShayNov 18, Can be done, but there are details to get right.

Build new examples and updated Post 1. Hans- Joachim KraheOct 23, Hour10, you would find a 2 In rtc.

RTC-DS1302 Module

Yes, my password is: I made those changes so that I could use the DS through a NoviceGuard board’s twelve way connector.

That is also wrong.

But make sure that how you hook up your DS d1302 what you have in the three define s match up! A little work with a magnifying glass and the pinout diagram convinced me that The Year data of the DS is only two digits Board Setup and Configuration.


Krodal speaks of three data lines: Says they are unreliable, and that some are badly designed. ErelJun 2, It ttc not concern you. If anyone would like to send in links to the code for other systems, I would be glad to consider a da1302 to their pages To help keep things simple, we will assume that your RTC module has a battery to keep it “ticking” even when the “main” power to it is not present.

DS1302 Real Time Clock Module with Battery Backup

The “bad design” seems to be a matter of adding resistors which don’t help, or even should not be there. I am just going to rfc that whoever put “RST” in the silkscreen of the module was confused, or working in a weak second language. At this moment there is no official library for date and time functions for the Arduino.