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DoD M, “DoD Postal Manual,” Volume II, May , is hereby canceled. This Manual applies to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Mili-. Study Flashcards On DOD M POST OFFICE OPERATING PROCEDURES at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Study Flashcards On DOD M CHAPTER 15 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the .

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Chapter 15 describes postal organization in greater detail. This interface will enable the personnel system to determine patient location and status within the corps medical system. Commanders and their staffs must plan for the logistical support given to competing demands and priorities during the execution phase of an operation to react to unanticipated but necessary postal operations support requirements.

Department of Defense Postal Manual

The little information gleaned from the Southern press indicating no great obstacles to your progress. Redirect services depend on the theater postal policy and the tactical situation. The theater postal operations platoon s assumes responsibility for receiving and processing mail from the MMT, coordinating mail movement to the corps postal operations platoons, and operating theater locator and redirect service to include processing casualty mail.

In accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act signed by the President as law 30 Novemberthis privilege is extended to civilians, DoD employees, and DoD contractor employees who are essential to and directly supporting the military operation, as determined by the CINC.

455.6-m decontamination is not possible, they destroy the mail under appropriate postal supervision. Official mail can be moved through the postal system until it reaches the postal services platoon of the unit addressed.

The Unified Commander is the coordination link between MPSA and the separate services and performs the following critical tasks:. Unit mail clerks receive and sort the mail and provide it to addressees.


T here was no lack of planning on the part of the postal people but rather a lack of recognition of their basic needs and failure to adequately provide the necessary personnel, equipment, and transportation.

International mail is discussed in the following: Postal services platoons require daily communication concerning task organization changes, mail delivery point location changes, mail routing scheme changes, casualty mail redirect, postal activity update, and USPS postal bulletins. After the mail arrives in the theater, further transportation becomes a lead corps responsibility. Postal units must coordinate with the local EOD unit for bomb support.

Free mail must originate from a free mail area designated by the President or Secretary of Defense or from 4525.6-n Armed Forces medical facility. The Geneva Convention, relative to the treatment of prisoners of war, identifies the need for EPW mail operations. 455.6-m mission of postal operations is to operate a network to process mail and provide postal services within a theater of operations.

Commanders may need to provide detailed requests through the chain of command to the USPS to ensure receipt of all necessary equipment and supplies.


This includes mail for individual soldiers who have changed units or locations as individuals and not with the unit. Transportation must be coordinated for postal dov from external sources at all command levels within the theater. The postal redirect function requires an integrated information management system throughout the theater of operations.

Trained and equipped postal units can be operational 45256.-m 48 hours after arrival in the theater of operations. They probably have new zip codes.

The corps G1 is responsible for performing the following critical tasks:. Planning of postal operations from lowest to highest levels is an essential consideration for any military operation. Postal services platoons provide finance services within brigade support areas and to soldiers and civilians in corps and echelons above corps EAC areas.


Postal operations management includes all actions required to dispatch mail for movement from its point of origin to its ultimate destination and provide associated services. Unit mail clerks perform the following critical tasks:. Within the division, the G1 coordinates with the division transportation officer DTO for transportation from the postal platoon to units.

Assigned APO numbers for a unit remain constant throughout the operation. In determining requirements, the lead personnel group commander must consider infrastructure in the area of operations, deployment timing, force composition, and expected deployment duration.

TCPrisoners of War, Chapter 2, addresses mail. The following references address postal policy, procedures, and guidance throughout the postal operations system:. The battalion S1 develops and coordinates a postal operations plan for assigned and attached units within the battalion by performing the following critical tasks:.

This chapter describes the mission and proponency of the postal operations management system, its postal network, doctrinal requirements, and standards of support.

The postal services company headquarters collocates with the PSB. As a safety and security measure, postal platoons x-ray packages leaving the country. Postal unit commanders must evaluate the threat environment and establish the postal unit’s standard operating procedure for dealing with possible explosive devices found in parcels.

The normal postal unit requirement for supporting a deployed force is one postal operations platoon for up to dpd, soldiers and civilians, a postal services platoon for up to 6, soldiers and civilians, and a postal company headquarters for every three platoons.