Dominus Iesus (English: The Lord Jesus) is a declaration by the Congregation for the Doctrine . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. DOMINUS IESUS: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. Talk Handout. I. Proclamation as Spiritual Warfare (Walkthrough of 2 Cor ). A. God’s Strategy: Enlighten all. Religious Pluralism and Dominus Iesus. Perhaps the greatest challenge facing the Church ─ and indeed the whole of Christianity ─ in our day is the challenge .

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Convention Held in Milwaukee Juneed. Peter the Apostle, the Pope confessed there was salvation in no one, except Jesus see Acts 4: This should be clear from his Address to the CDF on January 28,wherein he not only revealed his full awareness of the matters under discussion by the CDF viz.

The kingdom of God, in fact, has an eschatological dimension: Religion of its very nature is a certain relationship between God and man. It does talk about a uniqueness in the Catholic tradition At times the Roman authorities have found it necessary to speak more plainly and less diplomatically for the sake of truth and fidelity.

Several of his observations were incorporated into DI — in some cases, almost verbatim. Our energies should in fact be concerned with making Jesus known to all.

SC20 – 44; St. The expository language of the Declaration corresponds to its purpose, which is not to treat in a systematic manner the question of the unicity and salvific universality of the mystery of Jesus Christ and the Church, iiesus to propose solutions to questions that are matters of free theological debate, but rather to set forth again the doctrine of the Catholic faith in these areas, pointing out some fundamental questions that remain open to further development, and refuting specific positions that are erroneous or ambiguous.


Michel is also correct It does not extend to the content of the Faith — much less descarggar Jesus Christ in relation to other religious founders ibid. Decree Ad gentes7; Decree Unitatis redintegratio, 3. In reality, however, such language is simply jesus faithful to revelation, dominue it represents a development of the sources of the faith themselves.

The CDF’s Declaration “Dominus Iesus” and Pope John Paul II | Matthew W I Dunn –

Thus, he said to the Apostles: Centuries of missionary work have not convinced [non-Christians] that their vescargar are in peril; they are not worried about their lack of union with Rome; they have no reason to revere the document as the dkminus of a flawless magisterium; they will be amused or upset by its characterization of their traditions as gravely deficient; and they will want to know whether there are still good reasons why they should engage in dialogue with Roman Catholics, whatever reasons Catholics themselves might have.

A theological lecture given in by Fr. John Paul II then issued on December 6 a statement to emphasize further that the Church continued ifsus the position of Vatican II that salvation was available to believers of other faiths:.

The Lord is the goal of human history, the focal point of the desires of history and civilization, the centre of mankind, the joy of all hearts, and the fulfilment of all aspirations. Therefore, the theory of the limited, incomplete, or imperfect character of the revelation of Jesus Christ, which would be complementary to that found in other religions, is contrary to the Church’s faith. The document states that, “[w]ith the expression subsistit inthe Second Vatican Council sought to harmonize two doctrinal statements: That document, then, would become an act of the Pope himself, even though it did not come directly from his own hand or appear under his own signature.


I profess here anew my conviction … that in Jesus Christ, as Savior of all, true peace is to be found. The Church is present to humanity as the Body of Christ and, therefore, is necessary for salvation. The official Latin text has been published in: There is only one salvific economy of the One and Triune God, realized in the mystery of the incarnation, death, and resurrection of the Son of God, actualized with the cooperation of the Holy Spirit, and extended in its salvific value to all humanity and to the entire universe: Morrisey, OMI, of St.

Retrieved October 15, Pope and Hefling eds. AAS 87 DUNN over three decades of ecumenical dialogue. In his discourse before the Sanhedrin, Peter, in order to justify the healing domimus a man who was crippled from birth, which was done in the name of Jesus cf. One of those values was the practice of prayer and penance no.

“Dominus Iesus” presented by Fr. Augustine Di Noia, O.P.

At the close of the second millennium, however, this mission is still far from complete. For this reason the formula chosen for the gathering at Assisi is: From what has been stated above, some points follow that are necessary for theological reflection as it explores the relationship of the Church and the other religions to salvation.

Descarhar 83 Jesus is, in fact, the Word of God made man for the salvation of all.

In the New Testament, the universal salvific will of God is closely connected to the sole mediation of Christ: