The Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett is a collection of three novels – Xenos, Malleus, and Hereticus – featuring Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. A later omnibus. Eisenhorn is a series of novels and short stories by Dan Abnett, following the adventures of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. It originally debuted in alongside. Dan Abnett has been writing comics and novels since the mids. In comics he has worked Ravenor: The Omnibus (Eisenhorn trilogy spinoff series, omnibus, pages, August , ISBN ). Ravenor (hardcover,

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I mentioned him above.

Eisenhorn : Dan Abnett :

All I know is that the races are awesome. It is just a great story that unfolds it’s characters and information without any expectation of prior knowledge, unlike some other 40K I have subsequently read.

The trilogy is a first-person struggle for Gregor Eisenhorn. Not every stor Well It relies, though, upon a fundamental faith in mankind, and if there’s one thing that the fiction of the Warhammer 40, universe has taught me, it’s that faith in your fellow man can be a truly dangerous thing to have.

Inquisitors are part Soviet Commissars, part church sanctioned detectives who root out heresy, daemons and treachery across the universe. Looking for beautiful books? Well, this is how Eidenhorn reacted to it. Oct 21, Ryan Lynd rated it it was amazing Shelves: Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 52mm No pure ice worlds here, nor planets with twenty dqn species speaking one eisfnhorn. In Missing in Actionthe short story that follows, Eisenhorn investigates a series of ritual murders on Sameter.


Dan Abnett bibliography

That being said, though, a definite argument could be made for the truth in Ravenor’s words – “We all become radicals eventually as we appreciate that we must know our enemy in order to defeat him. He uses the demon Cherubael, who i think is one of the most interesting characters in the book.

Mostly, it comes down to Dan Abnett’s writing. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Slightly spoiler-y below In short, no. To ask other readers questions about Eisenhornplease sign up. When we first meet him Eisenhorn is a veteran Inquisitor; dogged, determined, and ultra professional. This is Warhammer, where a light gust of wind probably has ork spores on it, and they will grow inside you and an ork boy will rip you in half from the inside.

This little fellow is the bane of Eisenhorn’s life, in many ways!

When I first read …more I began reading this book at least once per year back in and still do. The team enters a giant warehouse of cryo-frozen nobles. I have re-read each novel at least four times and throughly enjoyed them each time.

All very fake-science, and good stuff. They both have to make morally ambiguous choices and plenty of people die along the way but everything they do is for the greater good.


He always has someone with the right skills close-by and the members rotate like clockwork. For 40k fans, what a treat!

I am happy I did. This story surprised me in a few ways. And I have to admit Well, you need to know a few things before you can make a decision.

Eisenhorn (Series)

Mistery, azione, thriller, fantasy ed horror in un oscuro futuro distopico da incubo. The main character is, you guessed it, Eisenhorn. I do feel that Osma and Fischig took this policy too avnett in the end, but Eisenhorn crossed a line I won’t say where, in case people have ignored spoiler warnings that I would not have crossed in his place.

I can see why it is held in such high regards esenhorn the fans. When I first read it in ’07 it was the first time I had heard about Warmhammer, at all, and I was able to follow the story well because Dan described the events very well.

No Dues ex machina type endings, not a lot of coincidences that drive me nuts. Does Eisenhorn, one Inquisitor himself? I think it’s an excellent touch to add Chaos Marines in this story.