Keajaiban Hypno-Birthing has 7 ratings and 2 reviews. Juliana said: Buku ini berisi tentang metode hypno-birthing selama kehamilan dan saat persalinan. D. Are you anxious about the prospect of childbirth? You don’t have to worry any more. Women across the globe have begun to discover how calm and easy. -Time Magazine HypnoBirthing┬«: A Celebration of Life – with Birth Exercise CD Included! Childbirth is not something to be feared; it is a natural expression of life.

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Only because someone looks calm, doesn’t mean they are calm.

The “happy simple primitives speaking in broken English” she presents as totally real people she’s worked with made me die a little inside. I did find many similarities – hypnosis in this sense is little different from how Bradley Method talks about relaxation. One has nothing to do with the other. Hamil, melahirkan, dan memiliki anak adalah impian hampir sebagian besar wanita yang telah menikah dan juga pasangannya.

Isi A History of Women and Birth.

Hypnobirthing: The Conny Method Book by Agus Wirajaya, Conny Widya Hermina – Gramedia Digital

Ubku marked it as to-read Mar 08, According to the Church, since women are the cause of all trouble with Hypnoburthing offering her apple to poor Adamthey are now punished for all eternity by having to suffer unbearable pain when giving birth. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Talking about simplistic, scientific studies and standards are cited at will in this book when they agree with the author’s opinions and ignored or called into question when they don’t.

Selamat menjalani persalinan dengan tenang, nyaman, dan tanpa rasa sakit. Further, my book came with a cd which she doesn’t clearly spell-out in the text how to use.

The Hypnobirthing Book

It helped me learn how to relax thro I must confess, I didn’t read this book in its entirety. Unlike my first delivery, I approached labor with enthusiasm rather than as a marathon event that I had to work through. Penarafan pengguna 5 bintang. Seeing is very much believing and I can honestly say I’m blown away everything I’ve read and seen so far surrounding this approach to positive childbirth.


This book is a good introduction to hypnobirthing and the principles of relaxation and calming preparation for birth. It helped me learn how to relax through the pain and work with the contractions, rather than tensing up buiu the pain and fighting them. May 02, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: It greatly reduces the pain of labor and childbirth; frequently eliminates the need for drugs; reduces the need for caesarian surgery or other doctor-controlled birth interventions; and it also shortens birthing and recovery time, allowing for better and earlier bonding with the baby, which has been proven to be vital to the mother-child bond.

Now that I am pregnant again, I have turned to hypnobirthing for the second time. May 16, Lauren rated it liked it. Roby Guku marked it as to-read Aug 07, While I don’t doubt that the method itself can work and give you support to have a gentle birth, I was not totally satisfied with the book itself. Hypnobirthing merupakan teknik melahirkan yang hypnobirtbing sederhana karena menanamkan kepercayaan pada ibu hamil yang kedua tubuh mereka dan bayi mereka sudah tahu apa yang harus dilakukan.

She has four grown-up children and five grandchildren. Marie Mongan Pratinjau tidak tersedia – I no longer believe that to be true.

Unfortunately the class was out of our price range but we purchased the book and have been listening to the CD Anda pun, sebagai seorang ibu atau calon ibu, dapat menjalani proses kehamilan dengan nyaman serta melahirkan dengan mudah dan tanpa rasa nyeri sebagaimana yang Anda harapkan.

Namun, dengan teknik hypno-birthing hal itu sangat dimungkinkan. Amy Mcdonald rated it it was amazing Mar 21, That is, there is no assumption or expectation that you have attended her course as well.

Account Options Log Masuk. Rizka Damayanti marked it as to-read Jun 23, I am not anti-medicine or a hippy I eat cows, wear leather, I rarely exercise let alone think of going near a yoga mat. Some techniques in this book, such as soft music, massage, yogic breathing, and warm baths have been mentioned in several books I’ve read and I believe that they can be effective if reducing tension in many women and therefore creating an easier birth.


While urged to practice nuku often, they are not taught well enough that I would know bu,u I was doing them right or what Mongan even means by certain instructions. Dec 20, Anna rated it really liked it. I felt Mongan’s argument was convincing, although I went into the book already feeling that way. Books by Katharine Graves. I wish her book was more like that trusting buiu she describes, a place where women can go to feel hope and good about themselves, no matter how their deliveries go, where they can tap into their own maternal power.

No doubt I shall edit this review in good time after the big event!

I really appreciated the chapter Mongan devotes to explaining the history of birth and how bhku changed from being a celebrated ritual to a shameful, fearful one. Return to Book Page.

Instea I got interested in hypnobirthing as a method for pain-free delivery. If you have the urge to push, that’s not natural but We I feel like this book sets women up to fail.

But this book gave me the idea that maybe things could be different. However, I should clarify that I did not buy in to all of the self-hypnosis techniques, and I found some of the language and the alternative vocabulary a little laughable.

I think hypnotizing yourself during labor is just silly, and I DON’T believe that most women can erase the pain of labor completely. Otherwise, there wasn’t really anything that would support some of the claims that Mongan makes in the book. Anda tidak perlu khawatir lagi.