BS EN ISO 14122-3 PDF

This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition (ISO ) which has been technically revised. It also incorporates the Amendment ISO. BS EN ISO Safety of machinery – Permanent means of access to machinery Part 3: Stairs, stepladders and guard-rails. I.S. EN ISO Safety of machinery – Permanent means of access to machinery – Part 3: Stairs, stepladders and guard-rails (ISO.

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Interestingly, a pragmatic approach is adopted, with several exceptions allowed under particular circumstances.

As well as providing requirements 14122-3 guard-rails on platforms, stairs and stepladders, Clause 7 also gives details for toe plates, self-closing gates and mezzanine gates.

Some leeway is provided for designers, as shown by this example from subclause 5. Code of practice for the design of industrial type stairs, permanent ladders and walkways Withdrawn.

Machine manufacturers small, medium and large enterprises Health and safety bodies regulators, accident prevention organizations, market surveillance, etc. Click here to find out how to access this document. For testing stepladders, the reader is referred to ENLadders. Overview Product Details What is this standard about? Clause 7Specific requirements applicable to guard-railsstates that guard-rails shall be installed when the height of the possible fall exceeds mm, if the gap between the platform and machine structure exceeds mm or if the protection provided by the structure is not equivalent to a guard-rail.

Where there are hazards not covered by the standard, such as moving parts of machinery, extreme temperatures or hazards caused by the environment, the standard says that these should be considered and addressed by, for example, preventing unauthorised access. Furthermore, a permanent means of access can prove to be very cost-effective compared with the cost of erecting scaffolding on multiple occasions. This ne of BS EN ISO gives requirements for non-powered stairs, stepladders and guard-rails which are a part of a stationary machine, and to the non-powered adjustable parts e.


In general, isso it is anticipated that regular access will be required for machine operation, cleaning or maintenance, then a permanent means of access should be given due consideration see also Clause 5 below.

BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016

Large sized anthracite facade panels and high-contrast golden perforated balcony claddings from Bruag feature in two newly built multifamily houses in the Swiss city of Kilchberg. Stairs, stepladders and guard-rails Status: 1422-3 on from the above, subclause 6. Annex ARequirements for the design of anti-climb devices, is normative and should, therefore, be complied with often an Annex to a standard is informative only.

Kee Safety has also added a mid rail, minimising the gap between the top of 1422-3 gate and the bottom rail.

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. The gates are also spring loaded, ensuring that they automatically close behind the user to protect against human error. You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or An additional note draws attention to other possible hazards, and the reader is also reminded of ISO relating to risk assessments.

The clause goes on to provide details of how to test guard-rails and the steps of a stair. For example, rather than require an access point so that lubrication points can be reached, lubrication points should be made accessible from ground level or a lubrication circuit and pump could be installed. As part of the free survey, the safety engineers provide io short written report that identifies areas of non-compliance and actions that can be taken to reduce risk, improve safety and comply with PUWER.

For a new machine that is being CE izo to the Machinery Directiveworking to the standard gives a presumption of conformity to the relevant EHSRs; without the standard, it is necessary to demonstrate that the EHSRs have been fulfilled by some other means. The four parts are all B-Type standards, meaning they deal with specific aspects of machinery safety and can be applied to a wide range of categories of machinery. Clause 6Specific requirements applicable to step laddersprovides similar details to those in Clause 5.

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Safety gate range enhanced to BS EN ISO

Sign up to our newsletter for regular email updates on the latest Guarding news and products. The modified gate is mm high and 1m wide; its mid rail is positioned mm from the top rail, whilst its bottom rail is raised mm from the floor. One issue that is not addressed particularly well in the standard is the question of under what circumstances a permanent means of access is required, though an ISO risk assessment will help.

Means of access, as with guarding, help to control access to machine-related hazards under different circumstances — such as operation, cleaning and maintenance — and should not themselves introduce significant new risks.

It offers a preferable safety solution to chains, bars and sliding tubes. The four parts are, in full:. If the designer chooses to verify the safety requirements by calculation, the information relating to the test methods must be taken into account so that the two verification methods are comparable.

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More about your enquiry. Click to learn more. Document Status Indicators The Green document status indicator indicates that the document is: To maintain its compliance with the standard, Kee Safety has modified the design of its Kee Gate range of safety gates.