Axxon Intellect’s video analytics – smart video detection tools, smart search in. Integration. Peace of mind doesn’t have to be difficult. Right out of the box. Specifications. Main Features. Object Orientation: Anything connected to Axxon.

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Internet-enabled display and control over all cameras and PTZ devices.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise uses three components: Become a Partner Technology Partners. Axxon Next is best-in-class, new-generation Video Management Software that is based on open standards to offer a truly open platform.

Axxon Intellect’s Video Analytics

Financial Homeland Security Industrial. Not a member yet? Looking for a Partner? Video detection tools Intsllect video detection tools process camera video and identify events that match certain criteria: Become a Partner Technology Partners. Sort and display by specified criteria. Two years ago the Murmansk company Universal ATC equipped the terminal building with a security system based on the Axxon Intellect Enterprise software package.

What is Axxon Intellect Enterprise?

Axxon Intellect Enterprise

System includes a built-in web server. Taking into account the successful operation of the previously installed Axxon Intellect Enterprise system, as well as the special requirements for reliability of the hardware, it was decided to install an additional Matrix video server and unite all the video servers via a local network. HDD capacity depends on recording intensity.


Product Axxon Next – video analytics Axxon Next video management software includes the following intelleect detection tools: Servers form a network with a peer-to-peer structure. By knowing where your resources are, you can increase safety and optimize efficiency.

People enteprrise The people counting detection tool counts the number of people who go from a certain area to another and back again.

Avigilon Appearance Search Technology. In addition, testing of equipment for transferring data over a VDSL channel and controlling PTZ cameras both from video servers intellevt from remote workstations was conducted. Please enable JavaScript, or certain functions may not work properly. Gateways serve as traffic routers and optimizers, defining segments of the distributed network. Can be set up for single or dual speaker configuration.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise | AxxonSoft Limited | IFSEC Global Directory

Universal connectivity is the answer. Axxon Next State-of-the-art open-platform intelligent video management software Learn more. The possibilities are endless! The system also includes two remote operator workstations and 22 video cameras. We also use cookies to improve your online etnerprise, Cookie Policy Got it.

Recommended capacity – MB provides faster operation of video subsystem.

Axxon Intellect’s Video Analytics

Built-in video amp offers onboard brightness, contrast and color saturation control; also provides gain control to protect card from damage during thunderstorms or high axxxon interference. US Edition International Edition. Quick security event configuration via mouse click.

  A080SN01 V3 PDF

It achieves this by aggregating data from a wide range of devices and systems, analyzing data more intelligently, and automating processes that could never be automated before.

Queue management The queue length detection tool counts the number of people standing in view of a video camera that is aimed at a customer queuing area. Tailored approach to each customer helps the company azxon in every project.

Management Industry Awards Patents Careers.

Intelect all other respects, Intellect Lite is a full-fledged version of the Intellect Enterprise’s video subsystem supporting its core features: Automatically zoom to the appropriate map layer or object upon alarm. The system can automatically send messages to a specified phone number in case of predetermined security events. Besides the video analysis functions built into the program, Axxon Intellect Enterprise also supports video detectors embedded in IP cameras and can work with specialized video analysis hardware.