Abstract. High levels of resistance to Apion godmani Wagner have been reported in bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L., landraces from Mexico. We report on the role of. ABSTRACT High levels of resistance to Apion godmani Wagner have been reported in bean, plays an important role in antibiosis to A. godmani in beans. Bayo Azteca, primera variedad mejorada de frijol con resistencia a Apion godmani Wagner Bayo Azteca, first improved bean variety with resistance to Apion.

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Laboratory bioassays were conducted using a double pitfall olfactometer, while a bucket pitfall trap was We conclude that root deformation does not necessarily increase susceptibility to attack but may increase the likelihood of mortality.

A study was conducted in Uganda to determine the effect of mulching on banana Musa spp. Hypersensitivity of Fagus sylvatica L.

Results Bioassays carried out with A. Components of male aggregation pheromone of strawberry blossom weevilGldmani rubi herbst. As part of a project to develop noninsecticidal control methods, the pheromone system of this species was investigated.

[Apion control [Phaseolus vulgaris, Apion godmani, Honduras]]. [Spanish] [1980]

Where the weevil occurs, the pheromone trap is a key tool for population monitoring or detection. Consequently, programs typically re Attraction of dispersing boll weevils from surrounding habitats relative to simulated pheromone diffusion from traps.

Laboratory and field experiments were conducted to determine whether the response of the banana weevil. The spots are concave pits with intricate patterns of structural-coloured scales, consisting of large domains of three-dimensional photonic crystals that have a diamond-type.

Curculionidae and Its Associations with Population Biology. Eradication programs for the boll weevil Anthonomus grandis grandis Boheman rely on pheromone-baited traps to trigger insecticide treatments and monitor program progress. Curculionidae at different ages.

Apparently, the parameters that control factors such as fecundity, survival, and dispersal were similar on both Bt and non-Bt plants. In other genera of weevilson the same mountains, there are additional specific associations with fungi, algae, lichens, and liverworts. Edge effect on weevils and spiders. Based on the results obtained, it was observed that a strong effect limiting the population of grain weevil was found for vanilla and orange oils.


weevil apion godmani: Topics by

Investigating the potential of an autodissemination godmanii for managing populations of vine weevilOtiorhynchus sulcatus Coleoptera: This is the first time that this has been found via long-term population analysis of L. Oryzae reared under crowded conditions failed to increase in numbers for 3 months as was expected.

On-farm management practices against rice root weevil Echinocnemus oryzae Marshall. From visibly damaged pea seeds by pea weevil B. In some embodiments, volatile organic compounds selected from E hexenol, Z pentenol, methyl eugenol and a combination thereof are effective for. The duration of the egg phases of N.

Hypersensitive response of beans to Apion godmani (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).

The pepper weevil Anthonomus eugeenii is a serious pest on peppers in southern United States. This study godman the effects of temperature and adult diet on the development of hypertrophied fat bodies in prediapausing adult boll weevilsAnthonomus grandis grandis Boheman.

Since some weevil species ggodmani symbiotic microorganisms, it has been suggested, reasonably, that the symbionts’ genomes of both aphids and weevilsrather than the insects’ genomes, could encode polygalacturonase. For spiders the species richness was significantly higher in the forest edge than either in the meadow or the forest interior.

Consolidated data analysis shows highest richness spp. Duration and viability of the egg phase were evaluated, and the lower temperature threshold and thermal constant K were calculated for these species. Further study should also be done to relate the number pollinator force per spikelete and the Fresh fruit Bunch FFBfruit set or fruit to bunch ratio. The gkdmani boll weevil Anthonomus grandis is a serious insect-pest in the Americas, particularly in Brazil. This result emphasizes the importance of individual variation in behavioral and ‘personality’ studies.

The lower weevil mortality recorded in the polytunnel experiment compared to the laboratory test was most likely a consequence of the greater amounts of inoculum required to kill adult weevils when conditions. Diapause in the Boll Weevil Coleopetra: Given the limited knowledge about the adaptive mechanisms that allowed successful establishment of the pest population in a tropical region, in this work we studied the potential of the Midwest population of boll weevils to enter a reproductive dormancy and identified the importance of the feeding source for induction of dormancy.


An effluvial method was developed to collect the pheromone, grandlure from actively calling male boll weevils ,Anthonomus grandis Boheman. Neutron activation analysis NAA was performed on the marked boll weevils as well as plant material from the cotton squares xpion which the insects were fed.

A second experiment compared the effects of S. Consequently, infestations are hard to control by pesticide applications. Despite the success of eradication efforts across most of the cotton-producing regions of the U.

Ethyl 2,3-dibromophenylpropanoate has not previously been reported as a natural product. This decline was more pronounced after 90 days and appeared to be markedly dose dependent.

Hypersensitive response of beans to Apion godmani (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).

In the early s, cotton fields in apio American South were wpion by the boll weevil. The boll weevilAnthonomus grandis Boheman Coleoptera: Duringfallen squares were most abundant in the late-planted treatment. Traps at both placements indicated similar patterns of early-season weevil captures, which were consistent with those previously reported. Response of banana hybrids to the banana weevil Cosmopolites Boll weevil invasion process in Argentina.

The survival and reproductive potential of the rice weevils declined significantly after exposure to gamma rays. This study aimed at evaluating commonly used maize varieties, collected from Melkasa and Bako Agricultural Research Centers and Haramaya University, Ethiopia, against the maize weevil Sitophilus zeamais Motsch. As a response to attack by herbivores, plants can emit a variety of volatile substances that attract natural enemies of these insect pests. Also, from apoon of T females x N males, 6 eggs hatched of a sample of 6 eggs and 12 adults emerged from a sample of 20 eggs.

However, its ecology is not well elucidated especially in East Africa where plantations are up to 50 years old apionn are under various management and cropping systems.