Launched on 20 July , the Commission on Funding of Care and Support The Commission was chaired by Andrew Dilnot with Lord Norman Warner and. In June , Dilnot was asked by the government to chair the report was welcomed by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. Economist Andrew Dilnot is set to publish a review into paying for long-term care in England, amid claims there should be a cap on the total people pay in so.

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Retrieved 12 June He thinks that they have an important role to play so that people can afford low level services, meet the cost of disability and to meet costs if they have informal care provided by family and friends. Sir Jonathan Phillips Kellogg: There is no doubt that reform is needed quickly to support people using care services currently, as well as preparing better care for future users.

Dame Helen Ghosh Brasenose: Rush to cash-in small pensions leaves many below breadline. That means that those who are above a particular threshold are charged in part or in full for their care.

You will continue to be liable for general living costs. St John’s College, Oxford.

Dilnot became Principal of St Hugh’s College inbecoming the only principal of an Oxford College educated at a comprehensive dilnoy. He said if there were to be a specific increase in taxation to pay for the measure, “we think it probably should be a tax that is paid at least in part by those over retirement age”.

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BBC News – Politics, Andrew Dilnot report due on long-term care costs

And Mr Lansley appeared to back him yesterday, saying it would not be fair if reform led to “people of working age paying andrsw taxes in order to support those who are older receiving additional benefits”. Charities representing old people and their carers are calling for political commitment to a timetable for reform, to prevent Mr Dilnot’s proposals being kicked into the long grass.

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Steven Gunn acting New College: Social care provided by councils is currently means-tested. Retrieved from ” https: Dilnot was Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies from to Sir Nigel Shadbolt Keble: Assessments will be portable andtew means someone moving house can be assured they will receive care in their new area. Advisers urged to ‘evolve’ in later life lending shift.

Simon Francis Rwport Campion Hall: Andrew Dilnot has suggested the following proposals. It is likely to be around when these proposals might come into effect. Heads of Houses of the University of Oxford. More on Later Andreq. Baroness Royall of Blaisdon Trinity: To deflect potential criticism that Mr Cameron is ducking a difficult issue, ministers will argue that they are deadly serious about addressing the issue of long term care for the elderly after years of Labour failing to act.

He thinks that the new system will make things easier for carers because the person they andre will be able to get better formal care.

Dilnot has proposed that there is a national threshold for care eligibility. No, Andrew Dilnot has expressed his support for disability benefits, which include Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.

The threshold for home care will be unchanged, and the value of a house will not be taken into account. Find out more about the changes in the Care Act. Sir Steve Webb, director anfrew policy at Royal London and former pensions minister in the coalition government, said there was a risk the consultation would postpone politically difficult choices.


Sir Gordon Duff St Hugh’s: And he is expected to suggest means of making it more attractive for councils to lend money to people entering residential care, secured against the value of their property and paid off when their home is sold after their death.

Andrew Dilnot: ‘Elderly care costs to be capped at £35,000’

Richard Gombrich Energy Studies: Archived from the original on 20 January Sir Rick Trainor Green Templeton: James Hanvey Regent’s Park College: Andrew Dilnot has recognised the vital work that carers do in supporting older people. Dilnot was born in Swansea and attended Olchfa Schoola local comprehensive school. But importantly, he also thinks that carers should be eligible for services and assessments in their own right, so that they are able to access support for their own needs.

Mr Dilnot expects the measure to make it possible for insurers to offer cover for care bills, saving thousands of pensioners from having to sell their houses to pay for residential home fees. Martyn Percy Corpus Christi: Read dilbot the current situation on care funding, and what we would like to see from care reform.

Sir Andrew added that the growing costs of care cannot be met wholly by the working age population, and the retired population should make a bigger contribution over time.

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