The first National Consultative Conference of the ANC was held at Morogoro, Tanzania, from 25 April to 1 May The conference has become known as the. A thread that runs all the way back to the ANC’s watershed consultative conference held in April in Morogoro in Tanzania darts through. of the Second National Consultative Conference of the African National Congress – Zambia. the post-Morogoro Conference period up to the present stage of our struggle. .. At this stage the Resolutions Committee presented its report. 2.

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In a situation of crisis they may pass over from support to active intervention to save the racist regime. ANC sometimes led to the superficial impression that the legal organisations – morlgoro they could speak and operate more publicly and thus more noticeable – may have had more than their deserved place in the leadership of the Alliance.

Surprise, mobility and tactical retreat should make it difficult for the enemy to bring confeeence play its superior firepower in any decisive battles.

The path is filled with obstacles and we harbour no illusions on this score in the case of South Africa. This, together with our general understanding of our revolutionary theory, provides us with the strategic framework for the concrete elaboration and implementation of policy rresolutions a continuously changing situation.

The report also gave some examples of the damage caused by these agents, starting from the period of ‘Operation Clean-up’ to the ‘Rebellion’ we had in the West last year. The messages are compiled separately and are attached to this report.

This confrontation on the lines of colour – at least in the early stages of the conflict – is not of our choosing; it is of the enemy’s making. Finally, the matter was put to a vote. In the field of representation, any reformist illusion that may still have existed of a slow advance towards democracy was shattered by the removal of the historic remains of non-White representation including resolutios undemocratic and powerless bodies such as the Native Representative Council.


We should explore possibilities of having mobile Radio Freedom stations inside the country. But it is now occurring in a new situation. The Secretary General’s report was followed by the Treasurer General’s report on the financial standing of the Movement.

No individual battle is fought in circumstances favourable to the enemy. After the first batch of fraternal messages were read out, the President delivered his political statement to Conference.

Strategy and Tactics of the ANC –

Our members have worked hard for its success. The core of the youth movement should be working class. The text of the Presidential Statement is printed separately and forms part of the Conference documents. But the protracted character of this resistance unequalled anywhere else in Africa is underlined by the fact that the armed subjugation of the indigenous people was only really accomplished the beginning of this century. Some networks within the exiled ANC became heavily involved in corruption, even colluding with elements of the apartheid security police and secret services.

Morogoro Conference

Our confidence in final victory rests not on the wish or the resolutlons but on our understanding of our own conditions and the historical processes. But above all a scientific revolutionary strategy demands a correct appreciation of the political character of the forces which are ranged against one another in the South African Struggle for liberation. We should identify the social problems of our youth and students and guide them in action. After these preliminary discussions the delegates felt that Conference should break into commissions in the hope that all questions will be gone into in the commissions and the plenary sessions following the commission reports.


The Morogoro conference and the SACP

Ramaphosa and the strange workings of ANC democracy Land in black hands: A full text of the report also forms part of the final Conference documents. It must not be confused with the classical drive by an elitist group among the oppressed people xonference gain ascendancy so that they can replace the oppressor in the exploitation of the mass. Future historians may well be able to pause at some moments during the evolution of our struggle and examine critically both its pace and emphasis.

Why was the decision for armed struggle taken in ?

Indeed, during this “peaceful” stage in our struggle hardly a year passed without massacres of our people by the army and police. In essence, a revolutionary policy is one which holds out the quickest and most fundamental transformation and transfer of power from one class to another.

The full text is appended hereto. The ANC at least, in the period leading to the Morogoro conference had viewed the struggle for liberation as being all encompassing, claiming that political, social and economic issues were inseparable.

It is for the enemy we reserve our assertiveness and our justified sense of grievance.

In a petition 1 to the Prime Minister on 14 FebruaryReverend John Dube, then president of the South African Native National Congress, raised the issues of political representation, justice, landlessness, high rents, low wages and objections to other discriminatory laws.