ALARGAMIENTO CORONARIO. By Clínica Dental Ana Isabel Paterna García · Updated about 4 years ago. Already tagged. 9. Dental Torres’s photo. Rehabilitacion superior con 6 implantes y carga inmedita. 2 photos. ‘Dental @[Clinica Dental Torres]’. Dental. Alargamiento coronario, una necesidad de retención protésica, estética y anchura biológica | OVI Dental.

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Crown lengthening and restorative treatment in mutilated molars.

The effect of restorative margins on the post surgical development and nature of the periodontium. A rational base for his treatment.

Tratamiento quirúrgico de las coronas clínicas cortas: Técnica de alargamiento coronario

Seibert J, Lindhe J. Physiologic dimensions of the periodontium significant to the restorative dentist. Diferent causes produce them, being the most frequent: Periodoncia ; 6 3: En la literatura aparecen descritos estudios como los de Van der Velden y cols. Combination shoulder feather edge veneer crow preparation.


Gingivectomía y alargamiento coronario con piezoeléctrico

J Clin Periodont ; 9: Contours of the full crown restoration. Alargamiento de corona dentaria II: Int J Periodont Rest Dent ; 1: Int Periodont Rest Dent ; Brit Dent J ; Int J Ckronario Rest Dent ; 6 1: PrincipIes of desing and analysis.

Morphology of interdental gingival tissues. J Cant Dent Assoc ; Alveolar crest reduction using full and aplit thickness flaps. The relationship between retention denatl convergence angle in cemented veneer crown. Alpha Omegan, Scientific Issue ; Fundamentals of tooth preparations.

Caire T, Saffar JL. Dent Clin North Am. Periodontal characteristics in individuals with varyng form of the upper central incisors.


Crown length and biologic width. In this article we will analize the morphological and biological principIes which rule their justification, their limits, as well as the own surgical handlings we must carry out. Alargamiento de corona dentaria I: Simplified alaragmiento coverage preparations. A comparative study in animals. Ochsenbein C, Ross SE. The retention of inlays and crowns as a function of geometrical form.


The importance of restorative mergin placament to the biologyc width and periodontal health. Kahlavi D, Stern N. Surgical lengthening of yhe clinical crown.

alargamientl Stability of gingival crest afther surgery and before anterior crown olacement. Diagnosis and classification of delayed passive eruption of dentogingival junction in the adult. Retention of terminally invlvend teeth with deep subgingival caries: A concept in periodontics and restorative dentistry.

Surgical crown lengthening for function and esthetics.

Dent Clin North Am ; 9: