advanced badminton techniques by butch oreta. 7 likes. Book. While conventional wisdom in badminton says the best backhand is no backhand , clear, former Philippine team coach Butch Oreta used the karate chop and backfist metaphor in his book “Advanced Badminton Techniques. Add to the cart this book, too – Advanced Badminton Techniques. Maybe reading this book by Butch Oreta will probably improve your game.

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Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. For this reason, I would recommend the e-book version over the print version. It distinguishes two basic versions advancev the backhand and forehand grips: This situation is reflected in the currently available badminton instructional books: But the thing is, now that Lin Dan and crew are yet to be edged from their tops spots, everybody seems adamant on beating China.

I recommend this book, nadminton only this reservation: The initial steps of the stroke seen from another angle. I also use this technique to make sure my drops make it to the other side bitch the net before being conscious of hitting my overhead drops through the full pushing range, my drops would sometimes die at the netand to lengthen my drive serves. The web service appears to be down at the moment, so I will comment on the videos when it comes back up either that or I’ve made a mistake with my password.

Includes the techniques for the advanced skills of the around the head clear From experience, Advnced found this as the key to being able to return attacks from strong opponents far rechniques that they can’t attack again. I can’t say I really understand what you’re getting at with this “push-hit”, even after re-reading the section on power.


Speed Badminton is the perfect game for your curriculum, because it butvh be played by every age and skill level. For comparison, I have two other badminton books: Remember me on this computer. You can usually see the same stroke from many different angles, and also variations on the stroke. That is not true. Advanced Badminton Techniques “Whether you’re a beginner or the best, your bible to better badminton” Oretq Butch Oreta and Vip Malixi Unlike in golf and tennis when being a teaching professional can be a lucrative profession, for badminton, the sport is not yet popular enough to support and sustain dedicated teachers of the sport.

Luckily through the confluence of factors, this is about to change.

Review: Vip Malixi and Butch Oreta’s book | BadmintonCentral

Quality of writing The writing is a little loose at times, and could benefit from tighter editing. But it will take some practice, hard work, dedication, drive, and years if badminto lifetimes of experience. Due to competition, different training method and skills have been Using this “thumb down the flat part of the racket” grip will inhibit forearm rotation and greatly reduce the power of defensive lifts and drives.

The Chinese government has been training their players long before they were old enough to stand clearly an exaggerationbadminton athletes included. Butch Oreta, techniquew veteran of the game and a true teaching oreeta for aside from playing the game, Butch has researched and studied the various techniques of elite players and has never stopped looking for ways to best teach the sport and Vip Malixi, a writer, badminton enthusiast, illustrator and DTP expert badmintpn desktop publishing have joined forces to come up with THE badminton instructional book.


You write that the brush net kill is without push action because this would make you hit the net. Badminton Thu, 11 Oct. Yes, my password is: The photographs and drawings are of inconsistent quality.

An important tactic for both beginning and more advanced players is to hit There are occasional technical errors, and the tactics section is weak; but these are minor points.

Review: Vip Malixi and Butch Oreta’s book

Home About Help Search. Vip writes that “Beginners’ [brush net kills] are weak because they hit the shuttle with the swiping motion rather than first hitting the shuttle before swiping.

Butch Oreta’s and Vip Malixi’s “Advanced Badminton Techniques”, using step-by-step photos, diagrams and illustrations with easy-to-read-and-understand descriptions, reveal the strokes, techniques and tactics of elite players. The illustrations and metaphors are very helpful for understanding these common faults. The idea of including a “forward then retreat” motion in the brush net kill, rather than a purely sideways motion, is helpful.

Smash : badminton for everyone

It’s not perfect what is? Grips The grips advice is much better than most books.

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But it might be worth checking.