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I seem to remember Garbz posted pictures of his Pass D1 variant on here; I forget if he had board images though. The original parts are: Post 4 of May 11, at 2: Datawheet see the signal from the opamp output will go thru a cap and a resistor or two followed by the muting transistors.

Need help for transistors upgrade

I would like to try better transistors. Which parts would improve quality?


I class-a biased it with two jfets. Post 10 of For my DVD 2sd9144, it wasn’t worth the money to rebuild the entire analog output stage.

Unfortunately, I can not find the schema.

ROHM 2SD datasheet, 2SD is NPN transistor, 60V, 3A

Here are some pics of the board. May 29, at 3: May 30, at Do you already have an account? Current or voltage output? Post 8 of May 28, at 6: Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. You should be able to easily trace the output RCA back to the opamp. Post 5 of This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Then I took the output straight off the opamp, thru two huge solen caps, straight to the output jacks, effectively bypassing the stock caps, resistors, and muting transistors. I really would suggest leaving the transistors alone, especially since you dont have any idea what they do in this circuit. Some of the variations get quite complex; the one I am working on for my DAC datadheet currently uses something like 62 parts per single ended datahseet, so would be in the range of parts for differential stereo.


Yes, my password is: No, create an account now. May 11, at 9: I will post some pictures of the board.

Post 11 of I posted a thread on this a little while back which included a board layout picture. May 29, at 7: Is there somewhere where we can buy PCBs of discrete analog stages?

It would be pretty simple to increase bias some so as to drop the input impedance further. Post 15 of I agree with cetoole. May 29, at 6: